Staff Directory

Julie Betschart, Senior Director, External Business Services              
209-238-1937,   FAX 209-238-4225          

Support Staff

Kyla Perez Administrative Data Technician 238-1936

Finance and Compliance Technical Support (FaCTS)

Vacant Director I, Business Services 238-1973
Faith Ellis Budget Analyst 238-1955
Kathleen Young Budget Analyst 238-1959
Rocel Asprelli Accounting Analyst 238-1943
Terri Corbeil Accounting Analyst 238-1941
Vacant Senior Financial Analyst 238-1940
Lawanda Butcher Senior Financial Analyst 238-1974
Alejandra Lopez Financial Analyst 238-1949
Terri Toste Financial Analyst 238-1945
Elizabeth Arceo Accounting Technician III 238-1958
Vacant Accounting Technician III 238-1956

Payroll and Retirement Compliance (PaRC)

Theresa Cooper Director II, Business Services 238-1948
Ramona Coker Director II, Payroll and Retirement Compliance 238-1938
Kailyn Robertson Business Application Coordinator 238-1960
Tanya Davison Accounting Analyst 238-1942
Robin Zumstein Accounting Analyst 238-1952
Teri Esquivel Accounting Analyst 238-1944
Janet Holbrook Senior Payroll Analyst 238-1946
Leslie Andrus Senior Payroll Analyst 238-1951
Adam Ramme Payroll Analyst 238-1947
Amy Sward Payroll Analyst 238-1953
Gabriela Castro Payroll Analyst 238-1939
Tammy Suarez Payroll Analyst 238-1950