About VCHS

Classroom Based Program:  

Many VCHS students desire a classroom-based (CB) program that meets daily in classroom settings for all subjects. Students attend class daily from 8:10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on a daily basis and receive daily support from our dedicated teachers in California standards-based courses that meet University of California admissions requirements. All Grade 9 and Grade 10 students are introduced to college preparatory curriculum and are encouraged to meet the VCHS Early College Honors admission requirements. Grade 10 students  who meet the Early College Honors admission requirements may, with approval from the VCHS administration, enroll at MJC and take up to three college units instead of their VCHS 10th grade (7th period) elective class.  

Upon completion of the 10th grade, students who meet the Early College Honors GPA and coursework admissions requirements may attend VCHS for their core academic 11th grade classes and are able to enroll in MJC for up to 11 college units. Grade 10 students may also elect to continue their 11th grade experience on the VCHS campus and enroll in Regional Occupation Program (ROP) classes in a technology-focused program that includes real world technology courses such as Web Design, Computer Programming/Video Game Design, Multimedia, and Engineering Technology (VEX Robotics) courses.

Early College Program:  

The VCHS Early College Honors (ECH) program provides students with the opportunity to explore individual interests through more diversified course offerings at Modesto Junior College and to accelerate their college or university program by obtaining a baccalaureate degree in three rather than four years after high school. College units count as both college credit and high school credit. Students with good progress may continue in the 12th grade Early College Honors program.  

The Early College program offers a serious learning environment where students take control of their own education. The program provides a small school setting where students have greater opportunities for guidance and improvement. Students must complete an average of nine units of coursework at Modesto Junior College each year while concurrently completing their high school core curriculum at an honors level.

Independent Learning Program:

The Valley Charter High School Independent Learning (IL) program serves students in grades 912 and is a fully accredited college preparatory independent study program designed for students wanting a unique and innovative approach to high school. The VCHS Independent Learning program provides a quality educational alternative that allows students the flexibility of attending school one to four hours a week. Students receive personal and individualized instruction in California standards-based courses from a dedicated, fully credentialed, and experienced independent study teacher.  Classroom-based courses are available for Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and science labs to meet a-g requirements. VCHS Independent Learning juniors and seniors may participate in career-technical courses.