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This information is designed to provide schools with practical tools that staff will need to prepare for a pandemic flu outbreak.  There is a great deal of planning for pandemic flu underway at the federal, state and local level.  The tools in this School Action Kit* will help schools begin those efforts.

 *The Contra Costa County Office of Education has graciously shared their "Pandemic Action Kit for Schools" with SCOE.   


Click here for a copy of Pandemic Plan Template
 Pandemic Action Kit for School - Contents

Letter from Superintendent

School Action Steps
    School Response to Pandemic Flu Flow Chart
    Planning Checklist
    Sample Health Officer ADA Support Letter
    Characteristics & Challenges

    Surveillance and Reporting
    Definition of Surveillance Levels
    Influenza Case Definition
    Weekly Pandemic Flu Census
    Daily Pandemic Flu Census
    Daily Pandemic Flu Census Log

Parent Information
Sample Parent Letters:
    Prevention Letter #1
    Prevention Letter #1 - Spanish
    First Bird Case Letter #2
    First Bird Case Letter #2 - Spanish
    Initial Outbreak Letter #3
    Initial Outbreak Letter #3 - Spanish
    Expanded Outbreak Letter#4
    Expanded Outbreak Letter#4 - Spanish
    School Closure Letter#5
    School re-opens Letter#6
    Parent Tips

Media Material
Sample Press Releases:
    Press Release A - School Open
    Press Release B-School Closed
    Sample Talking Points for School Officials
    Key messages - School Open Outbreak
    Key Messages-School Closure
    ConnectEd - Scripts

Public Information
    Cover Cough Flyer
    Germ Free Zone
    Germ Stopper
    Hand Washing - English
    Hand Washing - Spanish
    Keep Our School Healthy
    Stop Disease
 Sneeze Technique Video


Pandemic Flu


Resources for Emergency Information


Other Resources

Safe Schools Planning
Annual Region 6 training provided to develop and update your safe school plan. The benefits of safe school planning includes:

Resources include Safe Schools Workbook and Guide. 
For training dates and more information call 238.1378.