Substitute Services

Barbara Tanner, Division Director, Human Resources

Fax:  209-238-4233

Amy Bauman, Senior Substitute Service Specialist                              238-1613

Sylvia G. Martinez, Substitute Services Specialist                                 238-1605

Stephanie Brower, Substitute Services Specialist                                  238-1630


Please select the applicable link for more information:

SCOE's Absence Management Substitute Placement
You must be a current SCOE Substitute in order to access the system.

Aesop is an automated substitute placement system via telephone and can be accessed through the computer. Click on link below.

Absent Management (formerly AESOP)

Absent Management     1-800-942-3767

For user instructions click on Get a Demo after Logging in to Aesop.  To log in, enter your ID and PIN then click login (located at the top of the webpage).