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Instructional Support Services

SCOE Induction Programs

Year 1 Candidate Event Schedule (Series 100) 16-17
Year 2 Candidate Event Schedule (Series 200) 16-17
ECO Candidate Event Schedule (Series 300) 16-17
Mentor Event Schedule 16-17


SCOE Induction Enrollment has closed for 16-17


Welcome to Induction! 

Induction Overview                                                          

The SCOE Induction Consortium is a locally designed program which provides credentialed teachers with a specially designed, standards-based program that eases them into the teaching profession and simultaneously offers them support and advanced training. Induction provides a bridge linking theory and learning acquired in the California Preliminary Credential Program to practices in their classroom.

An experienced teacher - a Mentor - is trained in reflective conversation and in the Formative Assessment System and then assigned to work with each new teacher.

Mentors are chosen by the districts and matched as closely as possible to site, grade level and/or content area.

The Mentor guides, assesses, and supports new teachers to meet the complex requirements of teaching.

Upon successful completion of Induction, Candidate teachers are recommended to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for a California Professional Clear Credential

The Induction Administrative Staff includes:

The Induction Director
Two Induction Project Coordinators
An Educational Specialist Program Coordinator
A Professional Development Coordinator
Two Event Planning Specialists

The Induction staff is located at the Stanislaus County Office of Education. Each district has a District Coordinator (DC) who acts as a liaison between school districts/sites (Participating Teachers, Support Providers, and Site Administrators) and the SCOE Induction Program.

The advisory board, comprised of superintendents or designees of participating districts, county offices of education, and university partners provide policy decisions and fiscal oversight to the regional program. In addition, the Induction Director is a member of an Institute for Higher Learning (IHE) group that collaborates to assure the continuum of services for the participating teacher and the smooth transition to Induction within the Learning to Teach Continuum (SB 2042).

If you are interested in participating in the SCOE Induction Programs, contact your District Coordinator.

GenEd & SpEd Induction Informational Slideshow (PowerPoint link)

Induction Program Synopsis

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