Dinner with a Scientist

Scientist interacting with audience

Dinner with a Scientist 2020

Date: 3/17/20
Lab Tours: 3:45 - 4:50 p.m.
Dinner with a Scientist: 5:05 - 7:30 p.m.

Cost: $40 per Team
Location: California State University Stanislaus

Notes: Your team, consisting of a teacher and three students will be seated with two local scientists. Your team will have an opportunity to ask the scientists questions and hear about their careers.
Contact: Nancy Williamson, Event Planning Specialist II, (209) 238-1316, nwilliamson [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org
Register online at: http://stanislaus.k12oms.org/445-177147


What can I expect at the event?

This is a wonderful evening to join middle school and high school students for dinner and share a little about your chosen profession.  This is a great opportunity to "spark" a student's interest in science and leave a lasting impression on a student who may never have considered science as a vocation/profession!  

The  scientists role is  imperative to  make  this  a  successful event.   This is a teacher, student, and scientist event; parents  are  not  invited.  Students benefit from the opportunity to interact on an individual basis with scientists.  The students ages will range from age 12-18 in grades 6-12.  

You are in charge of your table and activities.  Students will be under the supervision of teachers at all times.  This is a professional opportunity for students to interact with scientists; we have instructed the students to address scientists as  "Dr," "Mr.," or  Ms." unless you specify otherwise.

What should I bring, and how do I facilitate table discussions?

Please bring artifacts, photos, materials, and props that help describe what you do in a more interactive way.  For example, we have an Entomologist that brings his collection of insects, and kids love it!  The more interactive the activities are, the easier table discussions are to facilitate.  

The students will be provided a list of questions ahead of time; however, they are not always comfortable asking questions.  Please feel free to informally prompt students by talking about your influences, experiences, passion for the work you do, or maybe the path you traveled to get there.  You might include the reality of the job; the highs and lows for example.