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SCOE Organizational Goals 2019-2020

Goal #1 Support the vision and mission of the Stanislaus Cradle to Career Partnership

Vision:  “a healthy and thriving community built on educational success and economic well-being for all.”
Mission: “to align sectors and systems in Stanislaus County to ensure successful outcomes from cradle to career”

  • Increase community involvement and leadership within the Cradle to Career structures to broaden and diversify stakeholder ownership
  • Maintain and enhance cross-divisional involvement and commitment to the Cradle to Career Partnership
  • Address and continue to clarify changing roles and responsibilities as the Cradle to Career Partnership evolves
  • Create an initial community report and dedicated website to promote awareness of the Cradle to Career Partnership
  • Engage and inspire community stakeholders through convening the first annual county-wide summit

Goal #2 Expand internal and external communication by strategically utilizing various media platforms to educate and inform the greater Stanislaus County community regarding SCOE schools, programs, and support services

  • Effectively leverage social media, digital media, local publications, and SCOE’s website
  • Investigate alternative methods of acquiring ongoing employee feedback for continuous improvement

Goal #3 Recruit and retain dedicated, talented individuals who strengthen SCOE’s community and work culture

  • Continue the acquisition of high caliber employees through quality hiring practices
  • Refine the onboarding process within each division to improve the assimilation of new employees
  • Introduce substitute employees to SCOE culture and programs through an improved substitute orientation
  • Expand training opportunities to support employees’ professional growth  

Goal #4 Implement a comprehensive wellness program to improve the overall quality of life for SCOE employees and their families

  • Promote employee wellness through the roll-out of Seity
  • Provide training opportunities via motivational presentations and videos
  • Encourage employee participation to increase wellness outcomes
  • Review and analyze Seity data to better understand the overall health of the organization

Goal #5 Continue to support and enhance collaboration with and across county offices of education, districts, and service providers

  • Support eligible districts with Differentiated Assistance
  • Provide ongoing district support of California’s Dashboard and the current accountability system
  • Collaborate with districts and service providers as they implement their Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Goal #6 Enhance safety practices for staff and students

  • Support cybersecurity initiatives and continue to provide student and staff training
  • Enhance building security, employee safety, and emergency preparedness
  • Offer relevant safety training for students and staff to minimize injuries