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SMA@Teel Student Support

School Counseling

Contact Norma Garibay by e-mail at ngaribay [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (ngaribay@stancoe).org or by phone at 209-238-6608.

  • Determines which classes students need to graduate.
  • Creates class schedules for the students.
  • Assists students with applications for college, financial aid, and scholarships.

Mental Health Counseling

Contact Crystal Davenport by email at cdavenport [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org or by phone at 209-238-6632.

  • Provides a safe environment and therapeutic relationship with the students to allow open communication.
  • Increases positive coping skills and decreases negative coping skills.
  • Prevents suicidal attempts and resolves suicidal thoughts.

Student Support Advocate

Contact Valerie Murillo by e-mail at vmurillo [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (vmurillo)dpena [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org ( or by phone at 209-238-8761.

  • For students and families with issues such as academic needs, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, mental health and related issues.
  • Assists pregnant/parenting teens, homeless children, neglected/delinquent and foster youth with services to address education and health needs.
  • Serves as a program liaison between participating schools, social service agencies, community organizations, and the business community.