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Come Back Kids (CBK)

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The Stanislaus County Office of Education proudly offers a high school program for adults (ages 18 and above) who want to come back to complete their education.  If you want to attend college, technical school, or enter the work force but have found that not having a high school diploma has stopped you...COME BACK to continue earning your high school diploma!  We offer a rigorous high school academic program that is flexible, customized, and focused on areas of need to help you successfully earn a diploma.  Following a community college model, students are enrolled in courses according to identified individual areas of need.  Choice courses are available online and all courses offer support classes with small groups or one on one with a teacher.  For more information on orientation dates and times please visit our Facebook page or call our office at (209) 238-8600.



All students looking to enroll in CBK Adult Charter School are required to attend an orientation. CBK offers both in-person and online orientations. See below for more information on upcoming in-person orientations or to complete an online orientation. If you have any questions you may contact the Orientation Information Line at (209) 238-8600.

Upcoming In-Person Orientation 


cbk online and july 20 orientation



             Click the image to see the full flyer


Online Orientation 


Step 1. Watch the CBK Orientation Video

Step 2. Fill out the Orientation Form ( You can find the link below the video)

Step 3. Once you have completed Step 1 & Step 2, you will be contacted by a

           CBK staff member with the next step in the registration process.   

Click here to fill out the Orientation Form.       


Students have a maximum of 2 attempts to score 100% on the orientation quiz. If you do not

score 100% within 2 attempts, you must attend the next in-person orientation. Questions are based on

information found within the video.


Watching the entirety of the video and listening carefully will ensure you are equipped with all the information

needed for the quiz.




Counseling Services

Parenting. Work. Homeschooling. Feeling isolated. Some days can feel really overwhelming right now as we try to adjust to juggling so many responsibilities.

If you find yourself in survival mode and you need help formulating a plan on how to manage everything, counseling is available for you.

Reach out to our CBK counselor, Drewe DeJesus, at 238-8661.

counseling flyer


How to get an ID

August 27, 2020

CBK Prospective Students,

If you currently don't have a photo ID, please follow the process below to get an ID. You will need photo identification to get enrolled in our program.

At the moment the DMV is not making appointments but you can go in on a walk-in basis. You will complete the ID application online and then gather all the required documentation and walk-in.

They will verify you have all correct documentation and then they will provide you a number to wait in line.


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Program Goals 

CBK offers:

  • Individualized learning plans with a mix of online course work, classroom instruction, and career readiness seminars and presentations
  • An independent study format with flexible hours to accommodate work and daycare responsibilities
  • Referral to appropriate support services
  • Opportunities for internships, apprenticeship programs, and job placement through community partnerships

Career Readiness

Students will participate in career readiness seminars that include:

  • Interview technique
  • Resume building
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Presenters from businesses
  • Industry tours

Students have the opportunity to participate in pre-apprenticeship construction trade training.

College Readiness

Students also receive information about college and technical school admission requirements, help filling out college/technical school applications, and financial aid workshops.  They will enjoy presentations from the local college and technical school admission personnel and guidance counselors to provide further information about career paths, college majors, and certification programs offered.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement 

Come Back Kids will immediately reduce the drop-out rate and assist every student with an Individualized Learning Plan and Career Plan, culminating in achievement of a high school diploma or equivalency.  We envision a safe environment where communication and success is fostered and accomplishments are celebrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend orientation to enroll?

Attending an orientation is a requirement to enroll in the CBK program.

What does the program cost?

There is no cost to the student to enroll in CBK.

What is the age requirement for CBK?

To enroll in CBK, you must be 18 years of age or older.

How do I request a CBK transcript?

To request your CBK transcript go to this URL:

How often do I need to attend classes?

CBK is an Independent Study program, you will meet with your teacher for 1 hour on a weekly basis.

Coursework will be completed online.

What are the requirements to obtain a high school diploma?

To earn a high school diploma from CBK you will need to complete 170 credits and 20 hours of community service.