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Stanislaus County Office of Education


The PHAST Program strives to be a youth coalition respected statewide for our active and enthusiastic programs that educate our peers on the dangers of tobacco use, and counter pro-tobacco influences through our empowered community advocacy.

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What is PHAST?

PHAST— pronounced "fast"— is a youth coalition dedicated to Protecting Health And Slamming Tobacco by organizing peer education and advocacy projects in schools and communities across Stanislaus County. PHAST is a joint project between the Stanislaus County Office of Education TUPE Program, the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency Tobacco Education Program, & Memorial Medical Center.  Founded in 2005 with chapters at Ceres, Oakdale, Orestimba and Pitman high schools.  ​Today, the coalition boosts more than 900 student members from 29 high schools, 30 middle/junior high schools and 10 elementary schools. 

Our youth coalition is centered on the youth development and resiliency principles of Bonnie Bernard.  We believe that students who have caring relationships, high expectations and opportunities for meaningful participation will be able to not only be resilient in their lives but are equip to make lasting change in our community.   Our program gives each student that opportunity.   

 PHAST is the youth development vehicle that empowers youth, helps youth use their voice, ensures lasting change in our community and creates the next generation of nicotine-free advocates.  

PHAST Program Goals

The PHAST Program is dedicated to fostering greater public awareness of the dangers of tobacco use while also providing an opportunity for members to participate in school and community activities designed to promote healthy lifestyles. The program's goal is to aggressively educate students through peer presentations, campus activities and various tobacco-use prevention campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week. There are 69 active high school, middle/junior high school and elementary youth councils in Stanislaus County. Through these councils, youths will acquire and apply valuable leadership skills, interact with experts in the areas of community service and tobacco education and establish relationships with a diverse group of peers.

Build Peer Tobacco Education Skills by Participating in Training Events

For example: the annual training held in September, the PHASTjv Boot Tobacco Camp, where 250 middle/junior high school PHASTjv members and the annual training held in October, the PHAST Tobacco Slam where 250 high school PHAST members attend and receive training on tobacco 101, emerging trends, creating Public Service Announcements, organizing campus/community activity planning, how to be an advocate and much more.

​Conduct Tobacco Education Activities  

For example: Campus Tobacco Prevention Education Campaigns held on campuses annually.  Red Ribbon Week in October, Great American Smoke-out in November, Escape the Vape in January,  Through with Chew in February and Take Down Tobacco in April. PHAST clubs are tasked with educating their peers through campus tabling events, morning announcements, relays, contests, rallies and much  more.

Conduct Community Advocacy Activities to Promote Nicotine-free Living

For example: Butt Hunts or Cigarette litter Cleanups.  Our Youth Coalition has collected more than 60,000 butts in parks across the county.  We use these butts as data to raise awareness about the problem of smoking in parks.  On average we collect over 80 butts per volunteer hour.

Participating High Schools

  • Adelante 

  • Argus

  • Beyer

  • Central Valley

  • Ceres

  • Davis

  • Denair

  • Denair Charter Academy

  • Del Puerto

  • Downey        



  • Elliott

  • Enochs

  • Gregori

  • Hughson

  • Johansen

  • Modesto

  • Orestimba

  • Open Valley Independent Study

  • PACE

  • Patterson



  • Pitman

  • Riverbank

  • Roselawn

  • Stanislaus Military Academy

  • Sentinel

  • Turlock

  • Waterford

  • West Valley High

  • Whitmore Charter



Participating Middle/Junior High Schools

  • Blaker-Kinser
  • Cardozo

  • Cesar Chavez

  • Creekside

  • Denair Charter Academy

  • Denair Middle

  • Dutcher

  • Glick

  • Great Valley Academy

  • Hanshaw


  • La Loma

  • Mae Hensley

  • Mark Twain

  • Open Valley IP

  • Patricia K. Beaver

  • Prescott

  • Riverbank Language Academy

  • Roosevelt

  • Ross

  • Salida Middle 


  • Savage 

  • Somerset 

  • Spratling

  • TCS @ Teel

  • Tuolumne

  • Turlock Jr. 

  • Ustack 

  • Waterford Jr.

  • Whitmore Charter

  • Yolo      


Participating Elementary Schools

  • Agnes Baptist
  • Apricot Valley
  • Chrysler
  • Eisenhut
  • Grayson
  • Las Palmas
  • Mary Lou Dietrich
  • Northmead
  • Stanislaus
  • Walnut Grove

TUPE Participating School Districts

The Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program is designed to prevent youth tobacco use by providing students with the knowledge and skills that enable them to be tobacco free. 

  • Ceres Unified 

  • Denair Unified 

  • Empire Union

  • Hughson Unified

  • Keyes Union

  • Modesto City Schools

  • Newman/Crowlanding Unified

  • Patterson Joint Union

  • Riverbank Unified

  • Salida Union

  • Stanislaus County Office of Education

  • Stanislaus Union

  • Sylvan Union

  • Turlock Unified

  • Waterford Unified

  • Chatom Union

  • Gratton

  • Hickman Charter

  • Knights Ferry

  • Paradise

  • Roberts Ferry Union

  • Valley Home Joint