Destination Graduation

The goal of the county-wide initiative is to increase graduation rates in Stanislaus County.

Destination Graduation a Five Year Journey Report to the Community

Destination Graduation, a Five Year Journey Report

2018-19 Events

There are five focus areas:

The Graduation Initiative is important because:

  • Students' opportunities increase with a diploma in hand and the competition for jobs and markets is global
  • The health of a community is enhance by better educated citizens
  • Communities attract more businesses with an educated work force
  • There is great public concern about the current graduation rate

The graduation rate in Stanislaus County for 2013-14 is 82.1%* while the State of California is 81.0%*  The  dropout rate is 11.5%* in Stanislaus County compared to California's 11.5%*
*Cohort rate according to the California Department of Education

We know that high school dropouts are more likely to:

  • Be unemployed
  • Receive welfare
  • Contribute to high health costs and have less healthy children
  • perpetrate crimes and end up in jail

The median earnings per year for a high school dropout is $20,241 compared to a person with a high school diploma who earns $30,627.  The earning power gets even better at $56,665 a year for a college graduate!

Key Contacts

Judy Boring

Judy Boring

Public Information Officer
Cynthia Fenech

Cynthia Fenech

Communications Director