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Operation Recognition

The Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) awards high school diplomas to qualifying U.S. Veterans and Japanese American Citizens, who were interned in relocation camps during WWII, through the Operation Recognition program.  Since 2002, SCOE has awarded 130 diplomas.  
Stanislaus County residents whose high school education was interrupted during World War II, Korean or the Vietnam War due to military service and/or internment are eligible to apply and receive a belated high school diploma.

The next presentation of diplomas is slated for November 2019.

Program Goals 

Residents of Stanislaus County are encouraged to request diplomas on behalf of themselves or qualifying family members, including persons who are now deceased.

In recognition of U.S. veterans and their contribution to our country, the Stanislaus County Office of Education instituted a program called “Operation Recognition.”  Modeled after programs implemented in other states, the Stanislaus County Operation Recognition program was adopted unanimously in January 2002 by the Stanislaus County Board of Education.  This program now focuses on identifying WWII, Korean and Vietnam War veterans and Japanese American citizens who were unable to complete their high school education due to service in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Operation Recognition high school diplomas awarded by SCOE are authorized by the California Education code section 51440 and 51430 (Senate bill No. 1517).   These veterans and Japanese American citizens will be awarded high school diplomas as a small, overdue, gesture of our society’s gratitude for the sacrifice they made in the name of freedom.

Veterans or family member must apply and show military status eligibility. They must have:

  • All recipients must have been enrolled in a high school prior to enlistment in military service and provide the name of the high school attending at time of induction into military service
  • Military service (U.S. Armed Forces) must have been during the following periods:
    WWII - September 16, 1940 to December 31, 1946
    Korean War - June 25, 1950 to January 31, 1955
    Vietnam War - February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975
  • Provide proof of Honorable discharge from U.S. military service (DD214 Form)
  • Persons who meet the qualifications, but earned a GED, are eligible
  • A high school diploma may be awarded posthumously to the family

Japanese American citizens or family members must also apply and show eligibility for the program. They must have:

  • Attended high school or received a GED between 1940 and 1946
  • Show evidence of being interned in a Relocation Camp during this period of time
  • Give name of high school applicant was attending at time of internment
  • A high school diploma may be awarded posthumously to the family


Key Contacts

Judy Boring

Judy Boring

Public Information Officer