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Workplace Giving Campaign

SCOE's Workplace Giving is a year round program. This year's campaign will take place in February 2020.  Please complete the online form; print, sign and route mail to Kathy Hobby in Administration #000. If you have any questions, Kathy can be reached at 238-1701.

It's a campaign!  It's a thank you contest!

Each participant will get their name entered into the prize drawing raffle.  If your donation is a carryover to this next year, no worries, your name is included and you don’t need to do a thing. There are over $300 worth of prizes that include, Overnight stay and breakfast at the DoubleTree, Gallo Arts tickets, State Theatre Tickets and various gift cards, etc. 

How it works:

  • Make a donation to any of the 10 organizations and submit the form to Administration by February 29 - your name is entered in the contest
  • Select Education Foundation for any amount - your name is entered into a separate drawing for all donating to this charity
  • Select Imagination Library - your name is entered into a separate drawing for all donating to this charity

The raffle drawing will take place at a Leadership Team meeting and supervisors will deliver the prizes to the winners.  The winners' names will be posted on this page.    

THANK YOU for your generous contributions to the Workplace Giving Campaign. 

Program Goals 

When we were young, we learned the value of teamwork.  We learned that by working with others we could do much more than we could do alone. Volunteerism and monetary donations offer a classic example of how powerful teamwork can be.  The non-profit organizations depend on each of us.

SCOE’s Workplace Giving Program is two pronged:

  1. Financial - donations through payroll deductions
  2. Community Support – mentor at schools, volunteer to help nonprofit organizations

The Workplace Giving Program is available to employees year-round.  However, in February 2020, SCOE will hold the annual drive to raise awareness and support for designated organizations.  Non-profit (501c) organizations that SCOE supports through payroll deductions, were recommended by employees. Please check out the complete Listing of non-profit organizations SCOE staff supports. 

All employees are eligible to contribute through payroll deductions to all participating organizations through this program.  SCOE Staff may designate to one charity or divide their gift(s) among multiple charities.  The minimum donation to one organization is $2.00 – whether it is once a month or a $2.00 one-time donation.

Payroll deduction is an easy, convenient way to give to the charities of your choice.  Contributions to these charities are tax-deductible.

Ten opportunities to give.  In ways that matter to you.  Click on the links to the right for information on volunteer/mentoring opportunities or to complete a pledge/donation form.

Key Contacts


Kathy Hobby

Fund Development Specialist