Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can an employee contribute to multiple charities through payroll deduction?
    Employees can contribute to one charity or divide their contribution among any of the 10 organizations participating in the program.  The minimum donation is $2 and there is no maximum.
  2. Do contributions stay in the local community?
    - Contributions made to the United Way are distributed based on the associate's designation to support the local United Way.
    - Contributions made to other participating organizations will be sent to the national office of that organization and will be distributed to communities across the U.S.  When possible, contributions are sent to the organization's local, regional or state office that provides services in the area of the employees designated zip code.
  3. Can employees give through payroll deduction to organizations other than those listed?
    No, employees can only contribute to the  organizations included in the SCOE Workplace Giving Program through payroll deductions.  However, you can select the United Way and designate other 501C organizations.
  4. Are there other ways for staff to give back to their communities?
    Yes, employees can support their community by volunteering or mentoring.  Check the resources and mentor links at the left for ways to support our community.