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Mock Trials

Stanislaus County Mock Trial

Mock Trial is an innovative and engaging civic education program that combines performance-based and law-related education for a tournament-style academic competition. High school students, working in teams under the guidance of teacher and attorney coaches, analyze the facts of a hypothetical criminal court case, prepare trial strategy, and enact every role in the trial proceedings. The teams present their cases in real courtrooms before sitting judges and are scored by volunteer attorneys. The Mock Trial program also includes courtroom art and journalism contests. The program builds self-confidence and develops important life skills, including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication and teamwork. Students gain knowledge of the link between our constitution and the substance of the law as applied by our courts and legal system. Additionally, they are provided with the unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with positive adult role models, including prominent legal practitioners and develop career awareness of the legal profession.

Dates & Locations

Coach Meeting: Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 4:00 PM

Event: February 2, 7, 9, & 16,  2023,  5:30 PM (Trials 1,2,3 & 4) 

Saturday, February 25, 2023 (Semifinals, Championship, and Awards)

COST: $450 per team ($350 donated by the Education Foundation of Stanislaus County)   Final Cost: $100

Event Information

Mock Trial Forms - The following forms are due January 13, 2023

  • Team Photo - email to lturner [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (subject: Mock%20Trial%20Team%20Photo)
  • Team List - email to lturner [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (subject: Mock%20Trial%20Team%20List)
  • Courtroom Observer Form - email to lturner [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (subject: Mock%20Trial%20Team%20List)

Mock Trial Forms - The following forms are due February 2, 2023 - Trial I

Art/Journalism Contest Information

Volunteer Information for Scoring Attorney & Presiding Judge 

Contact Us

1100 H Street
Modesto, CA 95354

Key Contacts

Cheryl Goulart

Program Manager

Leisa Turner

Student Events Analyst

Stephen Ortiz

Event Planning Specialist I