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Rules Clarification

Elementary Science Olympiad Event Rules - Allowable Notes

Event Binder or Sheet Type of Notes Not allowed
Disease Detectives 2 inch, 3-ring binder Student generated, handwritten notes  
Don't Bug Me 2 inch, 3-ring binder Student-generated, handwritten notes, charts & keys  
Knock Knock 2-3 inch, 3-ring binder Hole-punched pages of information in any form from any source  
Rock Hound 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper One handwritten charts/notes, both side of paper may be utilized.  Sheet protectors, layers, tape/glue
Starry, Starry Night 2 inch, 3-ring binder Student generated, handwritten notes, charts & keys  
Weather or Not 2-3 inch, 3-ring binder Information in any form from any source  

Note:  If the event does not specifically say "handwritten" it is okay if students create computer generated notes.  


Straw Egg Drop

Question: What type of tape will be used at the event?  Washi tape was used last year, and although it is marketed as masking tape, it is meant to be removable, like painter's tape, and did not hold the straws together well. 

Answer:  Scotch 3M Commercial-Grade Masking Tape.

Treasure Hunt

Question:   What kind of compass will be used for the event?  I would like my students to practice using the correct type.

Answer:  This will be the compass we will provide for use during the event.