Stanislaus County Specific Event Clarifications

2020 NorCal Science Olympiad Rule Changes for the State Tournament and ALL Regional Tournaments

Ping Pong Parachute - Ceiling height is a maximum of 60 feet at center of ceiling pitch.  At no time should the pressure vessel (bottle) be pressurized beyond 65 psi - per National Science Olympiad Rule Clarifications.  This event will be held indoors at the Regional Competition and held outdoors at the State Level.

Events with Device Test and Written Test:  If a team does not bring a device to test that resembles the device as detailed in the National event rules, then the team will be placed in tier 2. 
All Events Allowing Notes: If a team chooses to use two sheets of paper for notes in place of one sheet of paper, then the two sheets MUST be laminated so they cannot be pulled apart.

Note: Event Supervisors cannot make exceptions to any tournament or event rules, including the rule changes listed above.