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Business Services

Business Services provides a wide variety of support both to our internal and to our external clients. This support takes the form of providing services for payroll, accounting, auditing, budgeting, facilities, purchasing, retirement and tax reporting, security, as well as oversight responsibilities to name just a few. The Business Services Division maintains rigorous processes and procedures to ensure that taxpayer dollars are handled with the utmost care. 

SCOE Business Services works collaboratively with school districts to ensure that every school district maintains financial solvency.  SCOE diligently works with school district business officials to maintain open communication as a means of facilitating its oversight responsibilities. School districts have become so impacted by state and federal budget constraints and the ever-increasing, ever-changing state and federal regulations that they rely heavily on SCOE to guide them through issues impacting their day-to-day operations. In an era of decreasing revenues, declining enrollment and increasing instructional expenses, this is an ever challenging process.

SCOE Business Services is proud to provide a comprehensive offering of services to its departments, JPAs, Charters, and school districts.  We look forward to the future of excellence in education, knowing that we in Business Services play a critical support role in furthering this excellence.

Key Staff    
Julie Betschart Deputy Superintendent 238-1957
Cindy Neves Executive Assistant 238-1957