FaCTS - Finance and Compliance Technical Support

The Finance and Compliance Technical Support team provide three different categories of financial services to school districts in Stanislaus County. 

The “Finance” team provides assistance with the state's standardized account code structure software and conducts training workshops on various fiscal topics.  In addition, staff processes commercial warrants, reconciles cash with the county auditor's office and calculates revenue and processes expenditure transactions for Special Education on behalf of the school districts, 

The “Compliance” team assists the school districts in satisfying the State of California financial accountability requirements under AB1200 and subsequent legislation.  Staff analyzes and reviews the school districts’ budget and interim financial reports and reviews the multi-year projection to determine fiscal solvency.  In addition, staff certifies and submits tax and attendance data to the State.   

The FaCTS team also provides direct fiscal support to six of the smallest school districts in the county, assisting in budget development, daily tasks and preparation of financial reports.

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