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Career Technical Education News & Trainings


CTE Political and Education Policy

  1. Capital Advisors Group & Digital Advisors: Video10-4-21 (Politics & Tech)
  2. CWPJAC California Workforce Pathways Joint Advisory Committee,  
    • 2021 Meeting Dates: November 5 @ 10:30am.
  3. ACTE Policy Watch: Blog posted weekly (CTE data reporting)
  4. ACSA
    1. Legislative Lunch Break, Wednesday’s Live @1pm
    2. Governmental Relations for CTE Derick Lennox
  5. State Board of Education, Meeting Dates 2021-22

CTE Professional Development

  1. CTE Online, Curriculum Writing Institute, October 4-5 & January 24-25
  2. CTE Leadership Development Institute Brochure October 2021- May 2022 
  3. ACSA Leadership Summit, November 4-6, 2021
  4. ACTE Vision Conference 2021, December 1-4, 2021, New Orleans, Louisiana (early bird registration by Aug. 15, 2021) 
  5. CNA Program Spring 2022 Semester MJC and Columbia College Flyer 
  6. CA Partnership Academies, Educating for Careers, February 27 March 1, 2022, Sacramento, CA
  7. ACTE, National Policy Seminar 2022, March 21 to March 23 

CTE Resources

  1. ACTE CTE & Leveraging Federal Relief Funds at the Local Level
  2. CDE, CTE Fact Sheet for CTE Leaders & CTE Distance Learning Resources
  3. Advanced Transportation and Logistics Website
  4. Central Mother Lode Regional Consortium: Website 
  5. Centers of Excellence: Labor Market Research
  6. California Adult Education Website
  7. California Association for Career Technical Education, CAACTE Online learning Center
  8. CalPass+ Launch Board
  9. CAROCP: The Association of Career and College Readiness Organizations
  10. CCI: Measures of college and career readiness
  11. CTE Distance Teaching and Learning  Newsletter 
  12. CTE Online: A one-stop-shop for CTE educator resources
  13. California Career Zone
  14. California Center for Job: August 2020 Jobs Report
  15. California Center Resource Network, Career and College Readiness Lessons
  16. California Department of Education CTE Resources
  17. California Forward: Manufacturing Ecosystem in CA
  18. Dual Enrollment Blueprint
  19. Get Focused Stay Focused Career Curriculum and Zoom Session Recordings
  20. Legacy Health Endowment Video Game Guide and Social Media Safety
  21. Linked Learning Work-Based Learning Resources
  22. Modesto Junior College CTE Transitions
  23. Partnership Industry and Education 2020 Winners (program to watch)
  24. Paxton Patterson: Classroom Micro Lab Rotations
  25. Paxton Patterson: Spend Down Ideas for CTEIG & K12SWP
  26. Preparing for Life After High School a course for students by Kevin J Fleming
  27. SAMR model the role of technology to support learning or SAMR in 120 Seconds Video
  28. Stanislaus Community Foundation Scholarships 
  29. Stanislaus Cradle to Career Partnership Website 

COVID Resources

  1. ACTE Online COVID Resources and tools
  2. California Department of Education School Reopening Guidance
  3. Stanislaus Public Health

CTE Board of Managers, Stanislaus-Mother Lode

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Next Meeting: January 20, 2022, at 3:00 pm via Zoom


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Key Contacts

Deborah Rowe

Director III - K-12 CTE Pathway Coordinator, Educational Consultant VOLT Institute, Cradle to Career Lead