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Petersen Alternative Center for Education (PACE)

Congratulations to the 2020 Graduating PACE Seniors - Click here to view Class of 2020


  PACE offers classroom instruction for High School (grades 9-12).  Graduation requirements include 200 academic credits and 20 hours of community service.  PACE also offers Independent Studies for grades1-12, where students work one-on-one with their teacher, whom they meet with for a minimum of one hour per week.


L.I.F.E Academy is responsible for the development and implementation of a variety of student activities as well as the increase of student leadership through experience. These experiences give students the opportunity to get involved in the production of a positive culture change of our school campus through the likes of: event planning, involved in morning announcements, being a part of our student garden, soft skills leadership and forklift training/credential program and.  These student leaders have also helped to implement school field trips and activities on campus.  At L.I.F.E. Academy we believe that much of the education needed for our students comes through experiencing leadership opportunities as opposed to solely being educated about them.  At L.I.F.E Academy, we not only prepare our students to be leaders, but we create a platform for them to implement and experience leadership first hand. We focus on our students strengths and what they CAN do!  We are a leadership based academy that is committed to providing a leadership experience for every student who sets foot on our campus. Our brand of education aims to inspire students to become the best version of themselves possible!

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

Stanislaus County Office of Education and Peterson Alternative Center for Education provide a safe and engaging alternative learning environment that establishes a foundation for academic success and leadership. Students receive individualized counseling and support, explore future options, and develop the leadership skills necessary to achieve future independence as productive members of society.

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