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2209 Blue Gum Avenue
Modesto, CA 95358
8:00 am to 3:30 pm

Key Contacts

Luis, John

Luis, John

headshot of Castro, Gabe

Castro, Gabe

Lead Teacher/Sp.Ed.
headshot of Shannyn

McDonald, Shannyn

Miri Counselor
headshot of Martin

Martin Oliver

Substance Abuse Counselor

Carroll, Patty

Read 180 Teacher
headshot of  Cowan, Lisa

Cowan, Lisa

Guidance Technician
headshot of Culbertson, Jamie

Culbertson, Jamie

Independent Study Teacher
headshot of Etchegaray, Demitria

Etchegaray, Demitria

Middle School Teacher
headshot of Flores, Sandra

Flores, Sandra

ARA Health Educator
headshot of Yoland

Flores, Yolanda

Administrative Assistant. II
headshot, Gaffney, Kevin

Gaffney, Kevin

Mental Health Clinician
headshop of Maricela

Garibay, Maricela

Food Technician
head shot, Garza, Kristina

Garza, Kristina

Independent Study Teacher
headshot of Gonzalez, Gloria

Gonzalez, Gloria

IS Teacher
 headshot of Hartley, Bruce

Hartley, Bruce

Classroom Teacher
headshot of Lane, Judy

Lane, Judy

Program Support Secretary
head shot of Laura, Nate

Laura, Nate

Campus Supervisory

Lopez, Aida


Lopez, Phil

head shot of Martinez, Rosemary

Martinez, Rosemary

Student Support Advocate
headshot of Montes, Martin

Montes, Martin

Para Ed.
headshot of Victor

Moreno, Victory

Middle School Teacher
headshot of Poslaniec, Michael

Poslaniec, Michael

Resource Teacher
headshot of Corey

Reid, Corey

Classroom Teacher
headshot of Reyes, Ignacio

Reyes, Ignacio

Independent Study Teacher
Headshot of Maria

Servin, Maria

SDC Para
Nurse symbol

Richards, Laurie

School Nurse
photo of Stanislaus County Badge

Topete, Favio