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PHAST JV: Protecting Health and Slamming Tobacco


To our PHAST/jv/recruits Advisors,

As of July 1, the PHAST Team is now back in the office working full-time to the office  We want you to know that our team remains available to assist with any program, fiscal or other questions should you find yourself working on PHAST-related business or are looking for resources of any kind. The Stanislaus County Office of Education has assembled Coronavirus resource page with links to everything from safety precautions to school lunch service information to COVID-19 community resources.

Though the current pandemic circumstances present a challenge unlike most of us have ever seen, we have experienced and overcome periods of uncertainty before. We can do it again, together. 

Stay healthy and safe, 

The PHAST Team


The PHASTjv Youth Council is dedicated to fostering greater public awareness of the dangers of tobacco use while also providing an opportunity for members to participate in school and community activities designed to promote healthy lifestyles. The program's goal is to aggressively educate students through peer presentations, campus activities and various tobacco-use prevention campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week. There are 25 active junior high youth councils in Stanislaus County. Through these councils, youths will acquire and apply valuable leadership skills, interact with experts in the areas of community service and tobacco education and establish relationships with a diverse group of peers.

Program Goals 

Participating Jr. High Schools:

  • Allard

  • Blaker-Kinser

  • Cardozo

  • Cesar Chavez

  • Creekside

  • Denair Middle

  • Denair Charter Academy

  • Dutcher

  • Glick

  • Hanshaw

  • Hart Ransom

  • La Loma

  • Mae Hensley

  • Mark Twain

  • Patricia K. Beaver

  • Prescott


  • Riverbank Language Academy

  • Roosevelt

  • Ross

  • Salida Middle

  • Turlock Jr. 

  • Waterford Jr.

  • Whitmore Charter
  • Yolo


SCOE Provides 

Youth the power to stand together and become a powerful catalyst for change as they gain experience that makes them great leaders for tomorrow.

However, when a community stands together with them it further creates a force that has no limits, and builds youth into the great leaders of today.

The Stanislaus County PHAST Youth Coalition gives us the chance to experience this in person. Be a part of the future today, as we Protect Health and Slam Tobacco. 

Contact Us

1100 H Street
Modesto, CA 95354

Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

Protecting Health and Slam Tobacco by organizing peer education and advocacy projects in our schools, our communities, and throughout Stanislaus County, with creative and collaborative style.

Vision Statement 

PHAST strives to be a youth coalition respected statewide for our active and enthusiastic programs that educate our peers on the dangers of tobacco use, and counter pro-tobacco influences through our empowered community advocacy. 

Key Contacts

PHASTjv Coordinator

Elizabeth Escalante

TUPE Planning Coordinator
PHASTjv Coordinator

Charmaine Monte

TUPE Planning Coordinator

Ricky Bispo

Tobacco Prevention Support Specialist
Event Planning Specialist II

Rachel Valenzuela

Event Planning Specialist II