Region 6 Expanded Learning Programs

Greetings! As we begin the new year, there can be a tendency to focus on all the activities and forget our own self-care.  In an effort to support you in this way, the Region 6 SSEL Team in collaboration with our Educational Technology Center (ETC) are in the process of creating a series of on-demand Health and Wellness videos.  These short videos focus on mental health wellness so that we can continue to serve our communities.  The videos are three to five minutes in duration and can be used during a staff meeting or share with staff as a way to support their self-care regimen and practice.

We are excited to be able share with you the first installment of the self-care videos.  Topics include Grounding Techniques and Building Neural Pathways to Happiness.  Our plan is to release one to two videos a month until the end of the year.  We will host these videos on our website and our YouTube channel for on demand viewing.  I will send out an email when there is a new video available. For a sneak preview, check out the video below or click here to see all the videos on the Region 6 YouTube Channel.



Key Contacts

Vicki Bauman

Director III

Danielle Jones

Regional Expanded Learning Programs Planning Coordinator

Sandy Montgomery

Event Planning Specialist