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RESIST is committed to empowering youth, parents, retailers and the community with information regarding the risks of tobacco to encourage healthy living and prevent greater harm to our community. Through education, the program will discourage under age use and sale of tobacco to minors.

Program Goals 
  • Reduce access and promotion of tobacco products to youth through education and retail law enforcement.
  • Increase community and parent awareness of tobacco and e-cigarette products, issues, intervention and support.
  • Reduce community and environmental impact by empowering the public with knowledge and resources.
  • Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke by increasing awareness.
SCOE Provides 

With youth vaping at an all-time high RESIST created a Diversion Program to help youth understand their use patterns take responsibility for their actions, give them the opportunity to be honest with themselves and to discourage use.

The program will provide an Alternative to Suspension for all students found in possession of nicotine or tobacco products in violation of the tobacco-free school policy. The program will implement the Healthy Futures curriculum. The curriculum is four hours in length. A parent or guardian will receive notification of student referral to the program as well as an overview of program details. Program facilitators will teach the curriculum via an online platform or in person depending on the situation. Program hours and schedule depends on number of referrals and can vary. Scheduled sessions are held after school or on Saturday mornings. Students will receive the necessary support and guidance needed to encourage cessation and healthy living.

A designated school staff member can submit a youth referral by using the RESIST Referral Online Platform. If you are unsure of who to contact at the youth's school site, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

RESIST Referral Online Platform

Our program also supports parents, students, local agencies, the community, and tobacco retailers with resources and presentations about lawful tobacco use and sale. If you believe we can support you in the battle against tobacco use, please complete one of the forms below that best describes your needs. We will then contact you to make the necessary arrangements to provide services.

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