Road Trip


Road Trip incorporates field trips to businesses and college campuses, provides "soft" business skills, anti-tobacco education, and more. The most important piece is to connect these students with caring adults on campus and involve them in clubs with an advisor and then follow them through to high school graduation.

Program Information - For more information on starting your own Road Trip program, check out the resources on this page.


Program Goals 

100% high school graduation of the Road Trip participants!

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Modesto, CA 95354

Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

Road Trip...Journey to Success will create a community of students that support one another at school while easing the transitions from elementary to junior high and from junior high to high school, fostering student desire to participate in their own education and character development, and creating and providing tools of resiliency for participating students.

Key Contacts

Photo of Gregg Eilers
Gregg Eilers
Technology and Learning Resources
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Liz Escalante
Educational Options
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Sandy Montgomery
Educational Options
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Charmaine Monte
Educational Options
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Brandon Schut
Technology and Learning Resources
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Rachel Valenzuela
Educational Options
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Kandy Woerz
Administrative Services