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Seal: Participating High Schools


Participating High Schools

The State Seal Biliteracy honors students who demonstrate proficiency in English and at least one other language.

Who can apply?
  • Seniors enrolled in participating public high schools may apply for the Seal.
    • To be eligible, seniors must first meet state and county requirements.
  • Can students who attend private school qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy?
    • No.  Private schools function outside the jurisdiction of the California Department of Education (CDE); therefore, they are not eligible to receive the Seal.
  • Why is my school not on the list of participating high schools?
    • If your high school is not listed, it is because the district has chosen not to participate.  Please speak to your school or district representative.
  • Can I apply for the Seal on my own if my district or high school chooses not to participate?
    • No.  Districts must sign a contract pledging to support students throughout the program before any students may apply.  Additional information can be found on the Seal FAQ page.


Central Valley High School
Contact: Kristen Casal
(209) 556-1900
kcasal [ahtsym] ceres [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
  Riverbank USD
Contact: Mary Lomax
(209) 869-1891
mlomax [ahtsym] riverbank [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
Ceres High School
Contact: Veronica Vas Dinis
(209) 556-1920
vvasdinis [ahtsym] ceres [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
  Roselawn High School
Contact: Rachel Moran
(209) 634-9311
rmoran [ahtsym] turlock [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
Denair High School
Contact: Anajanzy Montoya
(209) 632-9911
amontoya [ahtsym] dusd [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
  Sentinel High School
Contact: Tonya Bibbins
(209) 874-9017
tbibbins [ahtsym] waterford [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
eCademy High School
Contact: Esmirna Imperial
(209) 669-3410
eimprial [ahtsym] turlock [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us
  Turlock High School
Contact: Mayra Arreola
(209) 667-0791
marreola [ahtsym] turlock [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
Hughson High School
Contact: Guadalupe Castillo
(209) 883-0469
gcastillo [ahtsym] hughsonschools [dhotsym] org (subject: Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
  Valley College High School
Contact: John Luis
(209) 238-6800
jluis [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
Orestimba High School
Contact: Liliana Esquivez
(209) 862-2916
lesquivez [ahtsym] nclusd [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
  Waterford High School
Contact: María Salgado 
(209) 874-9060
msalgado [ahtsym] waterford [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
Pitman High School
Contact: Luis Jacinto 
(209) 226-6500
ljacinto [ahtsym] turlock [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)
  Whitmore Charter High School
Contact: Marianne Goularte
(209) 556-1610
mgoularte [ahtsym] ceres [dhotsym] k12 [dhotsym] ca [dhotsym] us (subject: State%20Seal%20of%20Biliteracy)

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