Seal: Overview

An Overview of the Process

The State Seal Biliteracy honors students who demonstrate proficiency in English and at least one additional language.

Who can apply?

What are the new Seal requirements?
  • The full list of state requirements can be found here.
  • The Seal process must now start at students' districts and high schools.
  • What are new districts' requirements?
    • Per new state mandate, each district will establish it's own assessment guidelines and deadlines.
    • Please contact your high school's administration office for your specific guidelines and deadlines.
    • Students must turn in the completed permission slip
  • Will the entire Seal process happen at the high school?
    • No.  Students will be prescreened by the sites then complete the process at the county office.

The Application Process
  • The application process for all seniors will start at their participating high school.
  • All students must be screened at participating schools for:
    • completion of state requirements
    • completion of the permission slip, and
    • writing proficiency in English and the target language(s).
  • Students who have successfully navigated the application process, at participating schools, will be invited to the Student Interview Event on March 14, 2020.
    • Additional information about the Student Interview Event can be found on the FAQ webpage.

Permission to Participate
  • All students will have to turn in a completed and signed permission slip to the participating high school.
  • Eligible seniors should contact their participating high school for a list of requirements.

Your Seal Portfolio
  • Each district will determine what the writing portion of the Seal Portfolio consists of.  
  • The interviews are the final piece of the portfolio.

Major Events in the Seal Process
  • Fall 2019 - Student should contact their participating high school at the beginning of the school year to ensure deadlines are not missed.
  • January 29, 2020 - Deadline for districts to submit:
    • List of prequalified seniors
    • Completed student permission slips
    • List of assessors for the Student Interview Event
  • The Student Interview Event takes place on Saturday, March 14, 2020.
    • It is critical that you are available on this date, as no make ups are possible. Seal deadlines are no different than those of a college application, thus all students must meet the same deadlines.
    • At the Student Interview Event, you will be interviewed at least twice; once in English and once for every target language for which you are attempting the Seal.
    • Students must earn: coming soon!
    • Interview results will be released as quickly as possible to participating high schools first.
    • You will receive an email detailing your results and whether or not you will receive the Seal after the high school is notified.



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