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Seal: Overview


An Overview of the Process

The State Seal Biliteracy honors students who demonstrate proficiency in English and at least one other language.

Who can apply?
  • Seniors enrolled in participating public high schools
    • To be eligible, seniors must first meet the guidelines set by the California Department of Education.
  • Can students who attend private school qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy?
    • No.  Private schools function outside the jurisdiction of the California Department of Education (CDE); therefore, they are not eligible to receive the Seal.
  • Check the Participating High Schools webpage to see if your high school is registered to participate in the program.

What are the Seal requirements?
  • The initial list of state requirements can be found here.
  • The complete list of state and county requirements can be found on the Resources page here.
  • Will the entire Seal process happen at the high school?
    • No.  Students will be prescreened by the high school, then complete the process with the county office.

The Application Process
  • Read through the complete set of requirements, the process, and deadlines to make sure you are prepared.
  • Check the Participating High Schools webpage to find out if your high school is registered to participate.
  • Contact your high school site contact to start the process.
  • Follow your site contact's instructions to complete the prescreening process for:
  • Students who have successfully navigated the application process, will be invited to the Student Interview Event tentatively scheduled for March 11, 2023.
    • The final interview format will be determined by public health guidance as the date approaches.
    • Additional information about the Student Interview Event can be found on the FAQ webpage.

Permission to Participate
  • Eligible seniors should reach out to the site contact listed on the Participating High Schools webpage for a list of requirements.
  • The complete and signed two-page Application & Permission Slip must be turned into the participating high school by 10:00 AM on January 25, 2023.

Major Events in the Seal Process
  • Fall 2022—Students should contact their Participating High Schools at the beginning of the school year to ensure deadlines are not missed.
  • January 25, 2023—Deadline for students and districts to submit:
    • the spreadsheet of prequalified seniors by 3:30 PM,
    • the completed and signed student two-page Application & Permission Slip by 10:00 AM, and
    • the spreadsheet of assessors for the Student Interview Event by 3:30 PM.
  • The Student Interview Event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2023.
    • The final format will be determined by public health guidance as the date approaches.
    • Once your interview date and time are determined, it is critical that you are available.  Seal deadlines are no different from those of a college application, thus changes or make up dates and times are not possible.  All students must meet the same deadlines.
    • Students will be interviewed at least twice; once in English and once in each target language the student has applied for.
    • Students can find a copy of the scoring requirements here.
    • Interview results will be released as quickly as possible to Participating High Schools first.
    • You will receive an email with results once the high school has been notified.
  • Seal Award Ceremony: 
    • The possibility of an award night will be determined by public health guidance as the date approaches. 
    • Framed Seal certificates and diploma seals will be provided by the county.
    • Districts are encouraged to recognize students who earn the State Seal within their own districts.



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