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Enrollment Feb 10 @9 am-Feb 14 @Midnight



  • When you register your child for Summer Camp you will select your preferred sessions.  You will not be officially enrolled in summer camp week.  We will run the lottery a swiftly as we can.  You will receive an email offering you the week at summer camp.  You will have 48 hours to accept those dates.  After you have accepted, you will then be officially enrolled in the week and charged according to the payment plan you selected.

Common points of confusion:

  • Your child will not be enrolled into a session until you have accepted a session offered to you by direct email and payment has been authorized. 
  • You will not be charged until you accept and authorize the week you are offered. You will not be charged on registration request day.  The charges that you see on registration day are for your information at that time.  You must have a valid credit card on file to register, but it will not be charged until you authorize and accept the session by written (email) correspondence.

Pro Tip:  You can complete all the forms before registration opens!  Just log into your account, and select forms for your camper.

HOW TO SIGN UP (step by step):

  1. Returning Families: Click LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT button to pre-fill all forms, check and update your account for accuracy, and make edits, so you will be ready to submit your request once registration opens.
    New Families: Click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button to set up your account and pre-fill all forms and requirements so you will be ready to submit your request once registration opens.
    You can edit your account prior to registration day, but you won’t see or be able to submit registration requests until registration opens.
  2. Once registration is open: Log in to your account, select your child and then the Winter Camp session.  Do this for each child separately. We will do our best to ensure each child gets a week of Summer Camp.  We do our very best to get kids in with their friends for this special camp experience. 
    Pro Tip: If you want to attend with other families, plan ahead and request the same sessions in the same preference order.
  3. If the session you want is full:  You will be put on the wait list.  Don’t fret!  Most of the time campers get what they want after all registration errors are corrected and families make changes to their schedules.  We will do our best to offer you one of your top three choices.
  4. CAUTION—Select Transportation carefully when you register to ensure you know how your child is getting to camp.  Remember, we have limited capacity on our buses, so if you think you're going to need the bus, select it now. You can change it later if necessary.

Attention CITs and JCs - we need your personal email address!

The FHSC staff wants to send you personalized information and communication with tips and updates pertinent to your leadership role at Summer Camp.

Parents: Please enter your CIT's or JC's direct email address in the family account.  Select the child you want to update and make sure their direct email address is entered in the section where their school is listed.  This is also a good time to update their school if it has changed.


Campers are kids who will be entering grades 3-9 in the fall of the Summer Camp year

CIT I (entering 9th grade), CIT II (entering 10th grade)

JC I (entering 11th grade), JC II (entering 12th grade)


Summer Camp is a moment of joy for all children. If you can share the joy of Summer Camp please donate!  Any amount will be helpful.  Write "Summer Camp" in the note section to ensure it goes to Summer Camp.


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