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Our Summer Camp staff consists of highly enthusiastic and energetic college students and grads who now act in the capacity of camp instructors, program coordinators, and imagineers.  Most of the staff attended FHSC their whole childhood and still want to make the magic happen every summer for the next generation of Foothill Family. 


They have graduated through the 4 years of CIT and JC training and worked hard to know the program well and want to share the same incredible feeling and experience they had while growing up as campers.  Staff are evaluated and coached throughout the summer to be able to provide the best program for all children.  All staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, Emergency Response, and student safety.  All staff are finger printed and screened by the Stanislaus County Office of Education. 


  • COUNSELOR:  Each dorm will have a staff member as a counselor.  Additionally, each dorm may have a Junior Counselor (participant) and sometimes a Counselor In Training (participant).  These leaders are trained, evaluated and coached throughout the week.
  • HEAD COUNSELOR:  Leader for the counselor staff.
  • LIFEGUARDS:  Trained lifeguards will supervise all pool time and water play at Pinecrest Lake
  • HEALTH CLERK:  Like a health clerk at school, this staff member administers medication, provides first aid and CPR and will call you for anything more severe than a band-aid. 
  • IMAGINEER:  All the kids know who this staff member is, but the title leaves parents confused! The Imagineering staff write the program for the weekly theme.  They are the creative and logistical leaders who create a story line, design sets, and organizes challenges for the weekly themed program nights (usually Tuesday and Wednesday night).
  • CIT/JC DIRECTOR: Trains, monitors, evaluates, and develops Counselors in Training and Junior Counselors.
  • ARTS ’N CRAFTS DIRECTOR:  Makes sure we have all the supplies for anything our children and staff can imagine!  
  • SUMMER CAMP DIRECTOR AND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR:  Ensures everyone is where they need to be, has what they need, and problem solves any and everything for everyone any time of day.


Due to overwhelming participation in our outstanding Junior Counselor Program, we generally have no positions available on staff. Should positions become available we will have a notice on this site.

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