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Teachers - Prepare for your week

Hello Teachers! 

You can learn more about your role and your housing on the "During Your Stay" page.

Checklist for coming to Foothill   

  • Print out the checklist! (link above)
  • Designate a primary outdoor ed coordinator at your school to keep track of dates, coordinate with school staff and communicate with Foothill.
  • Meet with office staff, teachers, nurses and admin to coordinate who completes each step
  • Enter all dates into your electronic calendar with reminders.
  • PLEASE scan and email your completed forms on time — schools will be charge a fee for forms later than 5 business days late, grossly negligent (less than 95% of health forms) or disorganized.
  • USE CURRENT OFFICIAL FOOTHILL FORMS ONLY! Using old or district forms will result in extra work for everyone.
  • Discuss with Jess any students who need extra assistance. See Planning for Students with Accommodations
  • Show student and family our videos. Have students explore student pages for videos, common questions and more!
  • Recruit counselors for your week!
  • Print and distribute required forms. ALL FORMS
    • 1 ADULT PERMISSON/HEALTH FORM for each adult
    • 1 OUTDOOR SCHOOL INFORMATION with packing list
    • REQUEST FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION forms - these are needed for ANY medication including medications such as Advil, cough drops, prescription medication, etc. These forms must be signed by a doctor AND a guardian.
  • Complete SCHOOL INFORMATION google form confirming any teachers or students with accommodations.
  • Discuss with the Jess any students who may need extra accommodations.
  • RECRUIT high school counselors, especially male high school leaders. Email Diann Rastetter(drastetter [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org) with the counselor’s name, school and your dates. Fliers on forms list.
  • Plan with your School Nurse/Office Staff to:
    • Review HEALTH FORMS and
    • REQUEST FOR ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION forms the week before you attend.
    • Conduct temp and health check on departure day — see school roster, see bottom tabs.
  • Scan and email STUDENT & ADULT PERMISSION/HEALTH FORMS to Foothill. **KEEP originals at school **
    • Do not send Request for Administration of Medication forms, bring with medications on the first day.
    • Scanning Tips
  • Email SCHOOL ROSTER (formerly Class List) to foothillhorizons [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org
  • Email SCHOOL ROSTER to your Food Service Coordinator to complete Free and Reduced Status. If your school is CEP or SSO, please email the roster to foothillhorizons [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org indicating your school's status.
  • Review with students:
    • SAFETY VIDEO: Foothill behavior expectations and consequences
    • Must bring a “Parent Request for Administration of Medication” for all medications (Tylenol, cough drops, etc.) completed and signed by a parent AND the health care provider.
    • OUTDOOR ED INFORMATION with packing list page with your class. Check weather here.
  • FOOTHILL MERCHANDISE ORDER FORM Collect any final student orders, scan or fax form to foothillhorizons [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org
  • Optional: Bring activities and materials for your teacher time activities (postcard stamps, pencils, markers, books, etc.) Teachers will lead two 30 minute sessions of instructional time depending upon the length of the program.
  • Review Classroom Outdoor Ed Curriculum that you will lead either before or after your trip to Foothill.
  • Have your students take the Student Survey here.
  • Jess will confirm bus pick up/drop off times for in county schools.
  • Arrange for someone at your school to assist with loading luggage (extra staff, parents, a class)
  • Check student temperatures, visual and verbal health check-bring confirmation roster to Foothill
  • Take roll and tell Jess any student count changes upon arrival to Foothill
  • One teacher must ride each bus and assist with supervision.
  • Bring:
    • Student medications and forms
    • Principal’s home phone number (Principal will be on call for discipline/emergencies.)
    • School Roster Checklist verifying testing, temperature and health checks



The Education Foundation of Stanislaus County provides funding for schools to attend each year. Usually in August, schools complete a simple application form receive $100-$3,000 in grants to each school depending upon number of children participating, percent free and reduced and the number of days students are attending. The school then decides how to best distribute the funds to ensure all students have the opportunity to attend.
Additional funding is available for Stanislaus County schools through Make Dreams Real with Boyett Petroleum

A packing list with dress code information is included on the Outdoor School Information document. Please remind your students that your school’s dress code must still be followed at Foothill Horizons. Also remind them of the following:
Socks and closed-toe shoes are the only footwear allowed at Foothill Horizons (except inside the dorms).
Clothing with inappropriate messages may not be worn.
Students should not bring new clothes to outdoor school because they will be getting wet and dirty.

All students deserve the Foothill Horizons experience; however, sometimes we need to plan ahead to accommodate physical limitations, health needs (seizures, diabetes, injections) and children with behavior plans. Please go to All Forms (above) and read Planning for Students with Accommodation and Common Adaptations at Foothill to learn more about what we can and cannot safely accommodate and when we need to bring in a Parent Shadow, Para, or Nurse.

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