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Mentor Enrollment

New Mentor Enrollment

Enrollment for 22-23 is open from July 1, 2022 to October 25th, 2022.

New Mentor Enrollment FormClick here for Returning Mentor Enrollment

Contact your district lead for information on how to start to the process.

22-23 Event Schedule [PDF] 

Who is Eligible to be a Mentor?

Mentors in the SCOE Induction program provide mentoring and just in time support for those candidates who will be clearing General Education Preliminary Multiple Subject or Preliminary Single Subject credentials and/or Education Specialist Preliminary or Level I credentials.

Eligibility questions?  Please email induction [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org

What is a Level II Transition Candidate?

Level II Transition is a program that only SpEd candidates who possess a Level I (instead of the newer Preliminary) Education Specialist credential are required to complete.  Candidates have the choice of which Induction year they will complete the additional requirements in (unless they are ECO).  You will need to have a talk with your candidate to see if they have this type of credential and, if so, when they plan to complete the Level II Transition. 

If your Candidate is Level II Transition, you will need to accompany them to 2 events in addition to the normal 4 Induction events.  Registration for this program will not be in   For further information:  Level II Transition Program page

What is an ECO (Early Completion Option) Candidate?

ECO or Early Completion Option allows experienced, exemplary, candidate teachers to complete two years of Induction within one year.  It is your candidate's responsibility to inform you if they have been approved to be an ECO candidate.

Note: Full ECO Application can be found on the New Candidate Enrollment page.  Applications must be received by September 15th and signed off on by district representative to be considered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the events conflicts with my schedule, can my candidate go without me?

No. There are a few events that you will attend without your candidate. However, your candidate is to be accompanied by their mentor at every event, without exception. If you cannot make it, you will need to arrange with another mentor at your district to cover your candidate for that event. You also need to inform your candidate so that they are not lost and know who they are supposed to sit with for help at the event, and to inform Induction staff so that we know the candidate is not without a mentor at an event. If you cannot find another mentor at your district to help, contact Induction staff ahead of the date and we will attempt to assist you.

Additionally, each event set offers multiple date opportunities.  Early registration (registration open dates available on Event Schedules) is the best way to ensure that you are able to attend the date that best fits your schedule.

As a mentor, what would my responsibilities be?

Mentor teacher responsibilities and requirements must include but are not limited to:

  • Providing "just in time" support for candidates, in accordance with the ILP, along with longer-term guidance to promote enduring professional skills
  • Facilitation of candidate growth and development through modeling, guided reflection on practice, and feedback on classroom instruction
  • Connecting candidates with available resources to support their professional growth and accomplishment of the ILP
  • Periodically reviewing the ILP with candidates and making adjustments as needed
  • Willingness to participated in professional training for the role of mentor; deepen understanding of cultural, ethnic, cognitive, linguistic, and gender diversity; and utilize a formative assessment system
  • Arrange, conduct, and debrief a minimum of two observations of each candidate in a non-evaluative and reflective manner
  • Assist and support with each individual candidate for at least one hour each week during the school year outside of program events
  • Enter contact time in via the logs link. All entries must be made prior to the 5th of each month
  • Attend district held monthly mentor meetings
  • Model professional behavior at induction events (in regards to punctuality, intention to participate, attentiveness, etc.) and be a professional role model in general
  • Model the appropriate teaching behaviors in line with the CSTPs
  • Participate in triad conversations with the candidate and the administrator
What are the necessary qualifications for being a mentor in the SCOE Induction Programs?

Qualifications for Mentors must include but are not limited to:

  • Possession of a Clear Teaching Credential
  • Education Specialist mentors need to have a credential matching that of candidate
  • Experience with and knowledge of the context and the content area of the candidate's teaching assignment
  • Knowledge of the state-adopted content and standards and performance levels for students and state-adopted curriculum frameworks
  • Demonstrate commitment to professional learning and collaboration, and possession of effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability, willingness, and flexibility to meet candidate needs for support, including sharing instructional materials and ideas, continually engaging in the reflective teaching process, and utilizing the inquiry process as a means for professional growth
  • Critically examine and reflect on own mentoring practices
  • Minimum of three years of effective teaching experience