Program Specialists

Program Specialist:

The SELPA Program Specialist provides support to districts and parents, facilitate Individual Education Program (IEP), provides training to district staff, and provide knowledge in special education policies, procedures, and programming.



Program Manager:

        The SELPA Program Manager supervises the Occupational Therapists, facilitates Individual Education Programs (IEP), provides support to districts and parents,

provides trainings for District Administration, teachers, and surrogate parents.  Also, provides knowledge in special education in policies, procedures, and programming and participates in committees.

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Key Contacts

headshot of Kim Kelley

Kim Kelley

Program Manager
headshot of Maria Mesones

Maria Mesones

Program Specialist
headshot of Terry Roach

Terry Roach

Program Specialist
headshot of Allyson Woolworth

Allyson Woolworth

Program Specialist