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Key Contacts

headshot of Aileen Carbonell
Miss Aileen - Sisk Elementary
headshot of Narma Alvarez-Rivas
Norma Alvarez-Rivas - Chrysler Elementary
headshot of Darci Andres
Mrs. Andres - Sisk Elementary
headshot of Asjlee Almazan
Miss AshLee's Class JFK 603
headshot of Ms. Ashley
Ms. Ashley - JFK
screenshot of the assistive technology webpage showing a keyboard and pencil jar
Assistive Technology
headshot of Rebecca Berghorst
Mrs. Rebecca Berghorst - JFK
headshot of Toni Breshears
Breshears - Ustach Middle School
headshot of Esha Castle
Esha Castle - JFK
headshot of Gabe Castro
Gabe Castro - PACE
headshot of Julie Coon
Julie Coon - MLA
headshot of Diana Corona
Mrs Corona - Sisk Elementary
headshot of Josh Day
Josh Day - Woodrow
headshot of Christy Duran
Christy Duran - Chrysler
headshot of Glenda Glover
Mrs. Glover - Stroud
headshot of Mashari Grant
Mashari Grant - JFK
headshot of Nicole Haynes
Nicole Haynes - JFK
headshot of Belinda Hodge
Belinda Hodge - JFK
headshot of Faun Hyde-Oliveira
Faun Hyde-Oliveira - Itinerant
headshot of Danny King
Mr. King's Adapted PE Web page
headshot of Cheryl Mackenzie
Mrs. Cheryl Mackenzie - Hart Ransom Elementary School
headshot of Gina Mageean
Gina Mageean - JFK
headshot of Jennifer Marsh
Jennifer Marsh - JFK
headshot of Emily McElrath
Emily McElrath - Marilyn Frakes CDC
headshot of Lisa Medina
Lisa Medina - Itinerant
photo of Audrey Mercer
Teacher Audrey - Cardozo Middle School
Deborah Montgomery - Chrysler Elementary
headshot of Michael Poslaniec
Michael Poslaniec - Valley College High School
headshot of Ashley Ramaley
Ashley Ramaley - JFK
headshot of Lisa Rodler
Rodler Room 601 - JFK
headshot of Jessica Salcido
Ms. Jessica's Class TK-1st - Mesa Verde
an illustration of a green brontosaurus with children of various shapes and colors standing
SCOE Early Intervention - MLA
headshot of Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith - JFK
headshot of Stacy Schaurer
Ms. Stacy - Mesa Verde Elementary
headshot of Raymond Stoddard
Raymond Stoddard - JFK
headshot of John Vernacchio
John Vernacchio - John B. Allard and Come Back Kids
headshot of Monse Villagomez
Monse Villagomez - Chrysler
hands going over pages of braille text
Vision/Orientation & Mobility
headshot of Adam Watts
Adam Watts - Woodrow Elementary
headshot of Sean Wilson
Mr. Wilson - Chrysler Elementary
headshot of Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood - Health Services