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Stanislaus Military Academy @ Teel


  • Located in Empire, CA at the Roma Teel Campus.
  • Comprehensive high school education in a military-style environment.
  • Open to students who are referred to the Stanislaus County Educational Options Program by their school/district of residence.
  • The core values of the academy are: Commitment, Discipline, Respect, Courage, and Honor.
  • Cadets are required to memorize and be able to explain each Core Value.
  • Cadets are encouraged to live by the Core Values in order to be successful in life.


  • Independent Study - Students meet with their teacher once per week and complete assignments at home.
  • Modified Independent Study - Students attend school for part of the week and complete assignments at home for the other part of the week.



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Mission Statement

Mission Statement 
  • The Stanislaus Military Academy recognizes that each student is an individual, that all students are creative, and that all students have a right to succeed.
  • We will focus on the development of academic, social, and character skills to optimize each student's potential.
  • We are committed to providing a quality education that will prepare students for a college and career-ready environment.

Key Contacts

Daniel Vannest Principal picture

Daniel Vannest


Claudia Ruiz

Administrative Assistant II
Elizabeth Ferreira Photo

Elizabeth Ferreira

Attendance Secretary
Norma Garibay Photo

Norma Garibay

School Counselor
Celine Tews Photo

Celine Tews

Guidance Technician

Jesus Verduzco

Career Navigator