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The SCOE Induction department will be closed from June 11th - June 15th.

Induction Enrollment for 2018-19 will be open from July 1 - October 25, 2018

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) issues a preliminary credential that requires its holder to complete an approved induction program. The Stanislaus County Induction Programs Director will recommend a candidate for his or her clear credential upon successful completion of the program requirements. The Stanislaus County Induction Program is designed such that a candidate may complete the requirements in the first two years of teaching under the preliminary credential.

Induction Requirements for the Candidate

Candidates participate in a two-year, individualized, job embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the candidate’s first year of teaching.  Each candidate will be evaluated on competence and growth towards mastery of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).  The candidate is required to work collaboratively with an assigned mentor in order to complete all requirements.  Early Completion Option for “experienced and exceptional” candidates who meet the program’s established criteria is available.

Each year of induction consists of:

  • 1 full day event (Orientation) to draft the ILP and begin the first inquiry cycle, occurring within 60 days of enrollment in induction
  • 3 three-hour events (Inquiry 1, Inquiry 2 and Finale) to revisit the various cycles of inquiry (reflecting, reviewing, revising and drafting)
  • 1 hour per week support of the candidate by the mentor (outside of induction events)
  • 2 observations (minimum) – 1  observation of candidate by mentor and 1 observation of another educator by the candidate
  • At least 1 triad conversation (mentor, administrator and candidate).  More triad conversations may be needed to garner the input on the various inquiry cycles.

The SCOE Induction Program reserves the right to conduct a formal observation of any candidate if deemed necessary.

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Medical/Maternity Leave Form

Sometimes life happens in the middle of your Induction experience.  If you will need to pause, or stop, your Induction experience within the year because of these circumstances, please follow these steps:

  • Call/email Christine Sisco [csisco [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (subject: Medical%2FMaternity%20Leave) or (209) 238-1329] to discuss your plan for eventual completion of your Induction year.

  • Complete the Medical/Maternity Leave Form

  • Scan and attach to email.  Send to tstewart [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org (subject: Medical%2FMaternity%20Leave%20Form) .

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Key Contacts

Christine Sisco
Christine Sisco, Director II
(209) 238-1329
Gina Smith
Gina Smith, Induction Consultant
(209) 238-1303
Alison Beech
Alison Beech, Induction Consultant
(209) 238-1338
Aurora Trejo
Aurora Trejo, Professional Development Coordinator
(209) 238-1309
Lisa McKee
Lisa McKee, Event Planner II
(209) 238- 1311
Tricia Stewart
Tricia Stewart, Event Planner II
(209) 238-1323

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to pause/stop my Induction experience mid-year. What do I do?

Sometimes life happens in the middle of your Induction experience.  If you will need to pause, or stop, your Induction experience within the year because of situational circumstances (medical issues, maternity leave, etc.), please follow these steps:

I will not be returning to SCOE Induction this year. What do I need to do?

If you will not be returning to the SCOE Induction program this year, but will also not be attending another program, please complete the Program Withdrawal form.  We will place this in your file, which will remain on hold until such time as you then complete with us or move on to another program.

  • Complete Program Withdrawal form (pdf) (can be found in related links on Teacher Induction main page).
  • Scan and attach to email.  Send to tstewart [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org.
I will be completing Year 2 with another Induction program. What do I do?

If you are transferring to another Induction program for your second year, you will need to have the new program request your Year 1 Transcript from SCOE Induction.

For a transcript to be issued, you will need to have completed all work/attendance required for Year 1 in addition to having a zero balance on any monies owed.

Please have your new Induction Program email tstewart [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org with this request.

Who is eligible to be a candidate in SCOE Teacher Induction?

You must possess, or be in the process of applying for, one or more of the following:

  • a current California Preliminary Multiple Subject credential
  • a current California Preliminary Single Subject credential
  • a current California Preliminary Education Specialist credential
  • a current California Level I Education Specialist credential

Also, you must be currently employed as a teacher under the credential you are trying to clear.