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Quintessential School Systems (QSS/Harris) is a complete administrative solution for public school districts. It is a fully integrated system that includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Invoice Billing Management (IBM), Absence Tracking, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Stores Inventory, Personnel, Position Control, and Requisition Routing. QSS/QCC is utilized by K-12 schools, county offices of education, and community colleges nationwide.

Services and Support

QSS/QCC system services and support that we provide for the County Office and twenty-five local school districts are as follows:

  • Ongoing maintenance of the servers and associated peripherals
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) website
  • Software update and patch installation
  • User security and account management
  • System administration
  • Payroll printing and reporting
  • Accounts payable printing and reporting
  • Routine periodic report runs
  • Quarterly DE6 reporting
  • Annual processes such as fiscal year transition
  • W-2 printing and reporting
  • 1099 printing and reporting
  • 1095 printing and reporting
  • Note: All reports are stored/archived in Laserfiche

QSS/QCC staff provides daily technical support to all users of the system. Our team is the liaison between QSS developers and the users by reporting issues to them and to the support forum in order to find resolutions as quickly as possible.

Training Classes

Training on QSS/QCC is also provided on a regular basis in our ETC Computer Lab. Classes can be found on the Events page or the Technology Training Calendar with a link to register for each session. Content covered in all classes offered is listed here. We do appreciate feedback on our classes and would like all users to have a positive experience. This short training survey can be filled out after attendance at any class that we offer. To schedule a QCC class not listed or for technical assistance, please contact us at (209) 238-1430. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my username and password work in ESS?

If your district has signed up to use ESS (or you are an employee of SCOE), first check to see that you have registered for ESS (please follow this guide). Also, when you are logging in make sure you have selected the correct district from the drop-down box  in the upper right-hand side of the screen. If you need additional technical assistance, please submit a ticket request. DISTRICT users at and SCOE users at

How do I see what training sessions are available to attend?

Check out the SCOE Events page or the Technology Training Calendar for available classes. For any training classes not scheduled, we encourage tickets requests for DISTRICT employees at and SCOE employees at

What is the difference between QSS and QCC?

Harris School Systems owns the QSS and QCC software. QSS is the server software that holds all the data. QCC stands for QSS Control Center, which is the Windows client software that users see on their computers and use to login to access the application.

How do I learn more about QCC?

There are a variety of ways to learn about QCC:

  1. Attend a class at SCOE. Check out our SCOE "Events" page to search for any QCC training classes. To schedule a QCC training that is not currently scheduled,  SCOE users may submit a request at and District users may submit a request at
  2. Use the Help menu within the QCC software to access manuals and video tutorials.
  3. Visit our Quick Tips and Videos page for additional tips and tutorials.