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Stanislaus County Office of Education

Staff Directory

Terri McNabb, Senior Director, Internal Business Services              
209-238-1927,   FAX 209-238-4205          

Support Staff

Melinda Allington Business & Technology Coordinator 209-238-1962
Brianna Bernal Administrative Assistant I 209-238-1975

Budget/Special Projects

Tami Thomason Director II, Business Services 209-238-1933
Sam Elia Budget Analyst, Fiscal Services 209-238-1903
Donna Larkin Budget Analyst, Fiscal Services 209-238-1922
April Marin-Colon Facilities and Purchasing Specialist 209-238-1907
Sangeeta Narayan Accounting Technician III 209-238-1921
Angelica Pulido Budget Analyst, Fiscal Services 209-238-1965
Marene Ramme Position Control Analyst 209-238-1905

Internal Oversight

Carla Costa Business Services Supervisor 209-238-1931
Kara Beneda Accounting Analyst 209-238-1909

Internal Accounting

Kurtis Carr Director II, Business Services 209-238-1915
Sokhan Adari Accounting Analyst 209-238-1917
Ed Daoud Senior Accounting Technician (A-D, M-Z Travel) 209-238-1919
Ira Ellis Senior Accounting Technician (M-R, A-L Travel) 209-238-1918
Heather Fahey Accounts Payable Technician (E-L, CBO/Mileage) 209-238-1934
Danelle Kiser Accounts Payable Technician (S-Z) 209-238-1901
Kim Mathiesen Senior Financial Analyst 209-238-1928
Mindy Valdez Postal Services Technician 209-238-1926


Britney Bertalotto Senior Buyer 209-238-1904
Angie Cooper Senior Buyer 209-238-1906
Elizabeth Gutierrez Senior Buyer 209-238-1929
Jennifer Sandoval Purchasing Technician 209-238-1925

Revenue/Special Projects

Veronica Garnica Business Services Supervisor 209-238-1914
Vanessa Alvarez Accounts Receivable Technician 209-238-1935
Jen Slinker Senior Financial Analyst 209-238-1932

Shipping and Receiving

Javier Salazar Receiving/Warehouse Technician 209-238-6952
Steven Yan Receiving/Warehouse Technician 209-238-6951