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Stanislaus County Office of Education

Special Education and Health Services

Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) Special Education provides direct and indirect support services for students with special needs and their families throughout the county, in school settings or in the home. Specialized services are provided to students from birth to age 22, supporting district programs, operating SCOE programs on district campuses and at our own two schools on Stonum Road in Modesto (off Hatch Road in Ceres), Margaret L. Annear and John F. Kennedy Schools. Staff work closely with students to help them reach their individual goals and to provide the opportunity for each student to achieve their full potential.

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1336 Stonum Road Modesto, CA 95351

(209) 541-2200

(209) 541-2395 Fax

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Program Goals

Our overarching goal is to establish a comprehensive educational program catering to a diverse range of students with disabilities, from severe to non-severe, as well as those with low-incidence disabilities, spanning the age group from birth to 22 years. By tailoring educational programs to suit the unique needs and abilities of each individual identified as having special needs, we aim to maximize their potential for success and personal growth.

Support Services 

Provided by specialists, allowing students to benefit from their special education program. 

Services include:


Adapted P.E. Teachers 

Occupational Therapy 

Orientation & Mobility

Assistive Technology Specialist Readiness Teachers
Augmentative Communication Specialist Resource Specialists
Behavior Specialists School Nurses
Inclusion Specialists School Psychologists
Itinerant Specialists for Deaf, Blind and Orthopedically Impaired Speech/Language Pathologists
Mental Health Clinicians Vocational Education Teachers 

Resources for Parents

SCOE Special Education Services

Itinerant professionals are skilled and trained, provide support to students with severe developmental, speech, language, hearing, health, orthopedic, or vision impairments to be successful in general education classes in their neighborhood schools. 

Special day class teachers, instructional assistants and itinerant professionals provide specially designed instruction for students with similar disabilities.  These services and classrooms are located on general education school sites which enable students to participate with non-disabled peers to the greatest extent possible. 


Through the caring and commitment of public education and effective leadership and instruction, we empower students and parents by supporting independence, providing opportunities through the implementation of best practices, and establishing partnerships for lifelong learning.


Our impact on individuals with disabilities and their families will provide independence, opportunity and hope for the future.

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Parent Testimonials

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“When I was introduced to SCOE, I was lost and confused with a child that felt much worse than I did. Before coming here, everyone cared but didn't know how to help. With SCOE, I get both the nurture that I would provide for my son, and expert staff who are ready to equip my son with tools to help him grow and manage challenges.

 ~ Parent of a 4th grade student in our ED program at Sisk Elementary School

“Two thumbs up, 110%, I love the program. He has gotten more confident and is verbalizing his feelings now.  This program has helped with his issues and helped him get to the next level.”

   ~ Parent of a junior high student that attends our ED program at Salida Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions


Stanislaus SELPA provides information, resources and support to students, parents, and school staff.  It is our goal to provide consistent and reliable assistance to all special education divisions, ensuring program availability for all children with disabilities.

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Key Contacts

Tamara Cervantes

Tamara Cervantes

Principal/Program Director
Special Education, Health Services
Sarah Grantano

Sarah Grantano

Assistant Superintendent, Special Education
Special Education, Cabinet, Special Ed Admin
Alicia Heckinger

Alicia Heckinger

Director II, Special Programs
Special Education, School-Based Integrated Programs
Tricia Kelly

Tricia Kelly

Director III, Special Education
Special Education, School-Based Integrated Programs
Kristy Mabee

Kristy Mabee

Principal/Program Director
Special Education
Courtney Walker

Courtney Walker

Principal/Program Director
Special Education
Kristina Zapien

Kristina Zapien

Principal/Program Director
Special Education