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Stanislaus County Office of Education

SCOE Badge Project

Flyer for the new SCOE Badge Project Relaunch

To kick off the New SCOE Badge Project we are offering our first new badges of the year. Below are a series of new badges that will highlight the new look and direction of the SCOE Badge Project. Select the badge you wish to go for work on click on the image and follow the directions. Remember that all evidence must be shareable to allow anyone with a link to view. 

We are also interested in hearing from you, after all the SCOE Badge Project would not exist with your support. Click on the link below to take a quick survey and let us know what we can do to help improve the Project. This is your chance to help us develop this program into something that supports your needs, no matter what your role is or where you are. Help us to support your and your students. 

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Click the image above to take our survey

Explore some of our new badges below. 
Click on the badges below to learn how you can earn these badges. 

ETC 2024 Photo Hunt

ETC! 2024 Photo Scavenger Hunt

ETC 2024 CEU Badge

ETC! 2024 Continuing Education Unit

AI Explorer badge art

AI Explorer

AI: ChatGPT Level 1

AI in the Classroom

Adobe Express: Poster

Adobe Express: Website

Adobe Express: Video