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Stanislaus County Office of Education

SCOE Badge Project

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What is the SCOE Badge Project?

The SCOE Badge Project offers a unique professional development opportunity for educators. This program allows educators to demonstrate their mastery of new skills and strategies through the creation of artifacts that showcase the positive impact these skills will have on student learning. Upon successful completion, educators are awarded digital badges that serve as verifiable credentials of their expertise. These badges can be displayed professionally to highlight valuable skillsets and commitment to continuous growth.


What is a Digital Badge or Micro-credential?

Think of digital badges as mini-achievements for your skillset! They're like bite-sized certifications that prove you've mastered a specific skill, unlike a full degree that covers a broader area. For example, instead of needing a whole special education certification, you could earn a badge showing you're an expert in differentiated instruction for students with diverse learning needs.

Earning these badges is flexible and convenient. You can demonstrate your skills by meeting desired criteria, which could involve participating in hands-on training, completing projects, or even creating a walk-thru screencast to showcase your expertise. Once you prove your knowledge, you'll receive a digital badge as verification.

These badges are like mini-trophies you can display for potential employers or colleagues. They act as easy-to-understand proof of your specialized abilities. Digital badges are a great way to continuously develop your talents in a targeted and flexible way, helping you stay ahead of the curve!

How can I earn a digital badge from the SCOE Badge project?

Check out these digital badge categories! Clicking a badge will take you to our public Canvas Credentials page. There, you can search all badges and find dedicated pages explaining:

  • What the badge is about
  • How to earn it (including requirements)
  • How to submit your work

We'll thoroughly review your project against the listed criteria. If it meets all the marks, you'll score an awesome digital badge! Show it off with pride by adding it to your email signature, blog, website, digital backpack, or even social media!

Canvas Credentials

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Explore some of our new badges below or simply navigate to our public Canvas Credentials page.

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Explore some of the badges issued by the SCOE badge Project

We are also interested in hearing from you, after all the SCOE Badge Project would not exist with your support. Click on the link below to take a quick survey and let us know what we can do to help improve the Project. This is your chance to help us develop this program into something that supports your needs, no matter what your role is or where you are. Help us to support your and your students. 

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