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Stanislaus County Office of Education

Admin Induction

Stanislaus County Office of Education provides administrators the opportunity to clear their preliminary administrative service credential through a job-embedded, site-based, individualized mentoring program.

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Program Overview

Upon acceptance into the two-year program, candidates are matched with a skilled administrator in a one-on-one coaching partnership.  Candidates develop and implement an Individualized Induction Plan focused on developmental objectives that the candidate and coach formulate based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL) (external link). Each plan will include elements of professional learning to empower the candidate to continue their own learning as well as activities in which candidates translate their learning into action.  Over the two years of the program, candidates will create an e-Portfolio documenting their leadership growth based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL).

Candidates build their Individualized Induction Plan based on their current assignments and responsibilities with the result that, rather than a potentially disconnected add-on to a busy administrator's week, the work of the plan is built upon the candidate's own job and its requirements.

Recommendation to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for the Clear Administrative Services Credential marks the certification of a candidate's completion of all program components. 

Coaching Model

Candidates are partnered with an experienced administrator who serves as the lead coach for the two-year program term.  This relationship provides personalized mentoring in areas of interest to candidates to build capacity in educational leadership and a trusted colleague to provide support.  Candidates will receive no less than one hour, on average, of coaching support each week.

Program Goals

The Program is designed to support new administrators in their complex roles and to develop their skills in management and instructional leadership in order to ensure that their teachers are supported in their work and that students receive a high quality education. Specifically, the Program focus will include:

♦ Development and Implementation of a Shared Vision  ♦  Instructional Leadership  ♦  Management and Learning Environment  ♦  Family and Community Engagement  ♦  Ethics and Integrity  ♦  External Context and Policy  ♦ 

What are the requirements to be admitted to the program?

Candidates must satisfy all of the following requirements to be granted admission to the Program:

  • Possess a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (or Certificate of Eligibility activated)
  • Be hired for and/or working in an administrative position
  • Apply for the Program 
  • Attend the Program Information Meeting (recommended); visit our Candidate Registration and Application Process page to register

Program Completion Requirements

  • Successful completion of course requirements (events and IIP/portfolio completion)
  • Submit documentation of two successful years in admin position
  • Submit 41-4/CTC application form to SCOE for recommendation 
  • Provide proof of meeting any additional requirements listed on prelim credential
  • Payment in full for induction tuition

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Key Contacts

Alison Beech

Titles: Director II, School & District Support
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1338

Kea Willett

Titles: Project Coordinator, Administrator Induction
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1330

Aurora Contreras

Titles: Professional Development Manager
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1309

Erica Meza-Tovar

Titles: Credentialing Events Specialist
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1375

Nancy Swilley

Titles: Credentialing Events Specialist
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1311

Tricia Stewart

Titles: Credentialing Events Specialist
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1323