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Stanislaus County Office of Education

Credentialing Services

The Stanislaus County Office of Education Human Resources Division is dedicated to leading our organization and serving the community with a commitment to innovation, reliable information, and established practices while working to promote a culture of civility, effective communication, and exemplary customer service

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Credentials Department Services

The SCOE Credentials department provides the following services:

  • Register credentials
  • Issue Temporary County Certificates
  • Evaluate Transcripts for credential requirements
  • Provide information to the public on substitute teaching permit requirements
  • Provide information to general public or existing teachers on California credential requirements
  • Host Teacher Job Fair and Careers in Education Fair
  • Evaluate, Recommend for Child Development permits
  • Credential processors for SCOE Induction Programs
  • Assist School district Administrators and employees with assignment issues, credential requirements, renewals, extensions, applications for added authorizations, emergency permits and waivers
  • APLE Coordinator
  • Misassignment Coordinator
  • Processors for the Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave (TPSL)

California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)

California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)

The CSET is a series of tests designed to assess a prospective teacher’s knowledge of, and ability to explain, the subjects that he or she plans to teach. The Multiple Subjects exam has a set of three subtests that are required by those who plan to teach elementary school. The Single Subject exams will be taken only by those who plan to teach specific subjects in secondary classrooms: English, Social Science, Math, Science, Foreign Language, etc. Potential teachers must pass the tests in the field that match the intended teaching assignment.

For questions related to CSET, please contact Lisa McKee at: (209) 238-1311

CSET On-Line Resources:

Multiple Subject
Single Subject
Independent Study

Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave

The Stanislaus County Office of Education's Instructional Support Services division offers the CTC required professional development for the Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave via their credentialing staff. The journey begins with an initial Transcript Review which allows staff to determine the best and most appropriate pathway for completing those requirements. To get started, click on the Fast Track to the TPSL (Transcript Review) event at the bottom of this page.  The professional development requirements for TPSL renewals are also available through our office.  If you already hold a TPSL and need to renew, then choose the option that best fits your situation below.

Register now to get started on your coursework to the TPSL!

The Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave (TPSL) allows an employing agency to fill a position where the teacher of record is unable to teach due to a statutory leave (medical or otherwise) with a temporary teacher of record for the duration of the leave.  The TPSL may be issued with one or more authorizations in the areas of Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Special Education, depending on an individual’s qualifications. The permit is renewable upon verification from the employing agency that specific requirements have been completed.  

Requirements for Initial Issuance

1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree or higher from a regionally-accredited college or university.

2. Satisfy the basic skills requirement. See Commission leaflet CL-667, entitled Basic Skills Requirement for additional information.

3. Successful completion of an initial 45 hours of TPSL preparation as determined by the Local Employing Agency.

4. Successful completion of course work for the permit type requested.

5. The employing agency must complete the Verification of Requirements for the Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave (Form CL-903).

For more information click the appropriate link below:

TPSL: Initial Coursework

Transcript review is required for all pathways to the initial issuance of the Teacher Permit for Statutory Leave (TPSL).  Once payment and transcripts have been received you will be contacted to set-up a face to face meeting to go over the result of the transcript review and determine the appropriate pathway to obtaining the certificate. 

Transcripts should be emailed to sends e-mail).


TPSL 2nd Renewal

Location: SCOE - Online Coursework

Date: June 30, 2022 at 12:00PM

Price: $300

Hosted by: Stanislaus County Office of Education

Requirements for Second Renewal

1. The employing agency must verify all of the following on the form entitled Verification of Requirements for the Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave (form CL-903) for the SECOND TPSL renewal:

  • That the applicant has completed the third 45 hours of TPSL preparation as determined by the Local Employing Agency. 
  • That the employer will continue to provide an early orientation for each statutory leave assignment.  
  • That for each statutory leave assignment, the local employing agency shall provide the TPSL holder with the same mentoring that was required for initial issuance. 

2. Submission of a completed application (form 41-4) and processing fee.

Please do not submit payment until advised to do so, by course administrator.


PDF icon TPSL Flyer V22.pdf

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