Tactical Response for Schools: Complying with New Education Code Mandates

Dates: June 25, 2019, June 26, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM
Hosted by: California School Resource Officers Association

Mandated Comprehensive School Safety Plans are required for every school or school district pursuant to California Education codes 32280 through 32289. Education code section 32281 has been revised by AB 1747 to include a mandate that schools and law enforcement agencies develop in cooperation with fire departments strategies to prevent acts of violence and school-based tactical response protocols.

This conference will provide schools and school districts with sound and practical plans and protocols to comply with this section of the education code. The conference will include both proactive and reactive strategies which can prevent or allow for rapid reaction to acts of extreme violence . Conference sessions will include information on school shooter typologies, the mental status of teen attackers, early warning behaviors, depression and suicide-homicide ideation, linking what we know about attacks to solid strategies and approaches that comply with the new mandates.

This conference is appropriate for: Any person responsible for developing or approving the Comprehensive School Safety Plan; School Resource Officers; Fire Department Representatives; District Administrators; Intervention teams; Teachers; College Staff; Maintenance and Operations; Technology Department; Campus Security; School Board Members; and others responsible for maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.

Keynote Speakers

Eric Vetere – Lesson’s Learned from a School Shooting

Gabriela Baeza – Keeping Your Tank Full: Dealing with Stress and Burnout

Sessions Include:

  • School-based Tactical Compliance
  • Single Officer Engagement
  • Threat Assessment
  • Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
  • Bullying Prevention
  • School Safety and Technology
  • Establishing Partnerships with Fire and Police
  • Depression and Suicide-Homicide Ideation
  • Why Kids Kill: The Mind of a School Shooter


June 24, 2019


$89 per person 

Includes Breakfast and Lunch