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Stanislaus County Office of Education

Attendance Matters

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The Stanislaus County Office of Education and all 25 school districts, have embarked on a county-wide campaign, "Every Day Counts" Attendance Initiative which emphasizes the importance of attending school daily.

Regular attendance is not just about meeting the required number of days at school; it plays a pivotal role in a student's overall development and academic success.

When students attend school every day, they have a better chance to engage with the curriculum, participate in discussions, and collaborate with peers. This continuous exposure to the learning environment fosters a deeper understanding of subjects and enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Phone: (209) 238-1709
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white Toyota Corolla

To further drive the significance of daily attendance and reward high school students for their commitment, Modesto Toyota is partnering with SCOE by providing a new 2024 Toyota Corolla as a prize reward for great school attendance.

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February Is College Awareness Month

College Awareness Month

Choosing a college and deciding on a career path are big decisions that can often be overwhelming for students. Taking time to explore interests, passions, and strengths is important for making informed decisions about the future.

Check out the following resources for college and career exploration:

Interest Profiler and Career Exploration

College Preparation 

California Career Center - your "virtual counselor"

By exploring interests from a young age—even in elementary and middle school—students are better equipped to make decisions about their futures.

Good Attendance Support & Tips

Dreaming of a career?

Getting children to school...

Schools Miss Students

Snapping Turtles

In the News

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Key Contacts

Communications Department Staff

Judy Boring

Judy Boring

Titles: Director II, Communications
Departments: Administration, Communications, Administrative Services
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1709
Micaela Meyer

Micaela Meyer

Titles: Communications Specialist
Departments: Communications
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1721
Richard Stallsmith

Richard Stallsmith

Titles: Digital & Social Media Technician
Departments: Communications
Phone Numbers:
Work: 209-238-1718