Expository Reading and Writing Modules (ERWC) 3.0 HS Series 3

Location: Stanislaus County Office of Education
Dates: January 28, 2020, February 18, 2020, March 17, 2020, April 28, 2020
Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Hosted by: ISS Administration

This four day professional workshop has been designed for you to:

  • review significant components of the ERWC modules for high school
  • recognize your significant role in vertical alignment to increase college and career readiness
  • increase your familiarity with grades 9-12 modules and texts
  • get an increased sense of the pacing, pedagogy, and instructional practices that enhance effective module implementation
  • deepen your conceptual knowledge of reading comprehension strategies, close reading, text complexity, and rhetorical writing
  • reflect on your teaching and your students’ processes as readers and writers
  • Attendance at every session of your chosen series is mandatory.

Attendees gain access to the full complement of ERWC materials for grades 9-11, as well as the entirety of the yearlong 12th grade course materials. After attending all four sessions, participants will be certified to teach the 12th grade course which clears the condition for students determined conditionally College and Career Ready.


January 21, 2020
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Claudia Vazquez
(209) 238-1320


There are no fees associated with this event.