Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA)

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) connects artists, communities, and funders to each other, information, and resources through grants and contracts, convenings, research, and technical assistance. ACTA also provides advocacy through local and national field-building. Rooted in California's cultural communities, ACTA is in direct communication with tradition bearers who are often un- or under-recognized by mainstream funders. ACTA's programs and services are created, evaluated, and evolved as a response to the specific needs of these artists and their communities.

ACTA administers three core programs that offer direct resources to the folk & traditional field:  The Living Cultures Grants Program, Apprenticeship Program, and  the Development Program.

ACTA also curates the Traditional Arts Roundtable Series, providing opportunities for traditional artists and arts advocates in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to learn from one another through intimate discussion, technical assistance, networking, and sharing community-based arts and culture.

ACTA leads research and creates other special initiatives addressing opportunities and/or needs impacting the field.

ACTA serves as an information clearinghouse for and about the field of folk & traditional arts by maintaining its website, publishing a monthly e-newsletter, and maintaining a statewide database.



Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Local Sponsorships & Donations
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The Barnes & Noble Community Business Development Program supports pre-K-12 schools and not-for-profit arts and literacy organizations. 

Fundraising opportunities at the local level include in-store bookfairs and holiday gift-wrapping. Programs are set up at the store level, and inquiries should be directed to the store manager or community business development manager.

In addition, we offer a limited number of sponsorships and donations to organizations that meet our mission. We seek partnerships that offer in-store events, visibility, and reach a wide audience. Opportunities must be located in the community or communities in which we operate, and serve the greater good of the local community or region. Also, the organization must not discriminate with regard to age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship status, military or veteran status, religion, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, gender identity and expression, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. 

For donations and sponsorships, submit your proposal to the community business development manager or store manager at your local Barnes & Noble store. Use our Store Locator to find the store nearest you. The proposal will be reviewed to see if it meets our criteria, and a limited number of proposals will be forwarded to the district manager and national business development department for approval.


Classics for Kids Foundation

If your school or non-profit organization believes in the role of fine instruments in your program, and can show evidence of need and commitment to raising matching funds, you are a strong candidate for the Classics for Kids matching grant program. We accept grant applications quarterly. Grant deadlines are: June 30, Sept. 30, Dec. 31 and Mar. 31.

Through our grants to strings programs, we also strengthen community support for music education. Our matching grants inspire local philanthropy and deeper, long-lasting connections with that local support.


Target – School Grants

Target funds in-school arts programs that enhance student's classroom curriculum by bringing the arts and cultural experiences to schools, such as in-school performances, artist in residency programs and workshops in schools.

Target's commitment to making the arts affordable and accessible for children and families remains unchanged. We will continue to support arts organizations, though we are shifting the focus of our Store Grant Program slightly from 'Arts Accessibility to 'Arts and Culture in Schools'. This means that all Store Grant Program funded arts programs must now have a curriculum component. Programs can take place either inside or outside of schools.

Target accepts reviews and funds programs for local store grants based on a specific timetable. Please check the websites below for information on deadlines for applying.