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NAMI on Campus High School Clubs

Stanislaus County NAMI on Campus High School Clubs

NAMI on Campus High School (NCHS) Clubs are student-led clubs that raise mental health awareness and reduce stigma on campus through peer-led activities and education.  Student leaders in Stanislaus County High Schools are empowered to learn about mental health and how to be wellness-advocates on campus.  The Club is open to all students-those with mental health conditions, those with friends or family-members with a condition, or students who are interested in a profession in the field of mental health, social work and advocacy.

Through a proven model of collaboration and cooperation, NCHS Clubs in Stanislaus County encompass an innovative community portal for planning and implementation.  Through this unique approach Stanislaus County NCHS clubs organize outreach and advocacy activities, create a supportive network for information sharing, coordinating student-led activities, campus events and rallies, contest and numerous county-wide events.


What We Do

  • Educate and increase the awareness of students, teachers, faculty, and school administration about mental health and wellness
  • Offer support to students who are living with mental illness
  • Provide information about school and community resources
  • Encourage people to recognize early signs of mental illness
  • Encourage students who are having mental health issues to get help
  • Work to end the stigma that surrounds mental illness
  • Create an inclusive, safe, and supportive school environment
  • Let students know there is help available if they need it


How are Stanislaus County NCHS Clubs Supported?

  • An annual grant to support the club's activities, purchase supplies and help with club expenses
  • Connect to mental health related educational and promotional materials and resources
  • Connect to other local NAMI on Campus High School Clubs through monthly Advisor Meetings and County-wide events
  • Access to the NCHS Advisor Portal containing event & activity suggestions, educational presentations, NCHS guidebooks, national and local resources for mental health supports
  • An invitation to our annual  NCHS Student Summit where advisors and club members come together to learn from leaders in the mental health field and share their club stories and experiences with each other


Ready To Bring NCHS to Your High School?

How to Start a Club:

  • Step 1: Click to download the NCHS Information Packet

  • Step 2: Once you’ve reviewed the NCHS Info Packet, complete the Online Interest Form to let NAMI California know you would like to form a club!

  • Step 3: NAMI California will receive your completed Interest Form and connect you to our Stanislaus County Office of Education NAMI on Campus community.  The Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) will help coordinate your Club's Orientation Training with NAMI California and include you in the county-wide collaboration.  You'll begin receiving our local NAMI on Campus Club's monthly newsletter and be invited to attend our Advisor trainings.

  • Step 4: You are now ready to complete the Online Club Application! NAMI CA will provide that to you during Step 3, but here is a preview of what you’ll need to have ready in order to complete it:

    • A group of at least 4 students (with at least 50% being in class levels besides senior)

    • An adult Advisor that is committed to helping lead the club, is comfortable talking about mental health and is on-campus during school hours

    • The approval of your school principal

    • The approval of your local NAMI Affiliate (SCOE will help connect you during this process)

    • The date your Club attended the Orientation Training

    • Confirmation that your school has distributed the Parent Mental Health Awareness Letter or Parent Information Flyer via school website, parent newsletter or mailing

  • Step 5: Once your Online Club Application is completed, you can turn it into NAMI California for review. We will take a look and make sure everything is there, and then you will be notified that your Club has been approved! NAMI California will send you Advisor and Student Manuals.

  • Step 6: After your Club members and Advisor have attended a NCHS Training, NAMI California will send you the certificate officially recognizing your club as a NAMI on Campus High School Club! 


Contact Us

Kym Barber, Youth Program Coordinator

1100 H Street
Modesto, CA 95354

Key Contacts

Dallas Plaa

Director III, Prevention Programs

Kym Barber

Youth Programs Coordinator