In an effort to share best office practices and offer consistent service to the public and fellow employees, the Stanislaus County Office of Education has collaboratively established phone protocols for employee use.  These protocols, or phone practices, are designed to communicate clearly and effectively with whomever contacts this organization by phone.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with these practices and greet all callers in such a way as to reiterate their importance and value to you and SCOE.

This video poem highlights the many reasons to be proud of Stanislaus County. Produced by Stanislaus Community Foundation. Poem written by Sam Pierstorff. Filmed & edited by Ben Hoover. Debuted at Connecting for Good 2016.

Interested in coding in the classroom with robots? Contact the ETC Department at SCOE at (209)238-1400.

 The Educational Technology Center at the Stanislaus County Office of Education will hold the 18th annual Educational Technology Conference.

Student: Jordan Hansbury, John F. Kennedy School

Tami Cervantes, Principal

Student: Ruby Ochoa, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Special Day Class.  Tricia Tariku, Principal.