Looking for a tool that assists with the creation of eye-popping photo projects?  Maybe something that makes it simple to share out digital collages?  Come and learn how Google Photos makes it easy for everyone to create collages, movies, share photo albums and stay organized all at the same time!

Ever wondered what Twitter could offer you as a professional?  Still trying to figure out why the pound sign is now seen everywhere as the hashtag?  Let’s start 2018 off with a tweet and come learn why Twitter could be something other than just another social network.  This class is perfect for the Twitter beginner as it will assist you in creating your own account, help see the relevance in your particular field, and how to make Twitter useful for you.

This course will help teachers K-12 learn how to use the new and improved (as of August 2018) features and interface of Google Classroom to improve instruction and student engagement. Teachers in this class will create their own Google Classroom and implement one or more lessons with students. Collaboration with other teachers is also possible. Note: Google Classroom is now available to anyone with a personal gmail account. This course is open to all educators. If you do not have access to a Google Education account through your school district you can still access Google Classroom.

Looking to assess your students in a way that may be more engaging than old-school multiple choice?  Let’s check out how three formative assessment tools of Quizizz, EDpuzzle, and Pear Deck could completely alter how you assess your class.