Growth Mindset

Location: SCOE Special Education
Date: September 19, 2017
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Hosted by: Holly Chapman

Mindsets are beliefs individuals hold about their most basic qualities and abilities.  This training is based on Dr. Carol Dwecks research into the two different mindsets, Fixed and Growth.  A fixed Mindset believes that basic qualities such as intelligence and abilities are fixed and cannot be developed versus Growth Mindset which believes that people can develop their brain, abilities, and talents.  This training will provide an introduction to each of the two mindsets as well as explore how mindsets can impact students.


**Suggested Audience:  All Staff


September 19, 2017


Stanislaus County Office of Education, Special Education
1336 Stonum Road
Modesto, CA 95351
Note: Signs will be posted directing staff to appropriate room location the day of training


Seri Jordan
(209) 541-2205


SCOE Special Education Staff:  $0.00

SCOE Non-Special Education Staff:  $5.00

Stanislaus District Staff:  $15.00

All Other Attendees:  $20.00

Payment Instructions:  
Payment can be made prior or the day of training by check, money order or PO to our office at 1336 Stonum Road, Modesto, CA  95351.  Indicate on the payment source the name of the training.  Make checks payable for the full amount to "BCBA Workshop".  Please contact Seri Jordan at (209) 541-2205 for payment questions.

Payment Methods:
Money Order
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Inter-Department Transfer (05-9591-0-8677-5001-0000-000-5900-XX)